8 Reasons You Must See Derren Brown: Underground!

*Thank to Wales Millennium Centre for tickets to the show.

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Derren is a master of all things hypnosis, magic and wonder and he does it all so perfectly well. I am not allowed to divulge any particular facts from the show, firstly because Derren has asked this of all his audience members, but also because it would take the magic and excitement away from attending in person! Basically, I’m going to give you 8 reasons why you should book tickets to see Derren Brown…

1. He’s honest

Derren is anything but a liar. He delivers his performance with genuine honesty, and he has such tales to tell. He invites us to look at our own selves, and to delve into our hearts to be true to who we really are.

2. He tackles the human condition

I love all his references to how we behave as humans, and how we treat each other. Last night he made me think quite deeply about my own self worth and behaviour, and he also made me think about how the things we put out into the world are the things we receive…

3. He’s funny

He’s very quick witted, with lots of puns and funny comebacks dotted throughout the performance. This charismatic element of his personality is probably his greatest trick, because you truly trust him at all times. Which means…

4. He draws you in…

You can’t keep your eyes off him when he’s in the moment of a trick or treat, he’s incredibly clever when it comes to gaining your full and complete attention. Which is why I took my eye off the banana…

5. He’s a magician

He is a magician, and there’s no doubting that. He uses words, gestures, imagery and more to lure the audience in. And they loved it, as did I!

6. He’s so darn clever

AT the end of the show we were pretty gobsmacked to see the big reveal. How does he do it? How does he create THIS? How? And the truth is, we’ll never really know, and that’s okay… Because for a night of fun, intrigue and pure amazement, it’s worth feeling ‘tricked’ into submission!

7. He loves his job

Each moment of him being on the stage shows how much he loves what he does. He oozes pleasure and happiness as he glides across the stage producing unbelievable results. It’s an act of pure love. 

8. He’s a natural

WMC is a huge venue, and Derren didn’t once get lost on their giant stage, instead he completely owned it (Case in point: the banana!). He was born to perform and it shows.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and book your seats, because you really won’t regret it! 

Derren Brown: Underground is running until 12th May at Wales Millennium Centre and tickets start from £25. You can see his full tour here


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