Old-Fashioned Touches For Your Modern Kitchen

*This is a collaborative post.

If there is one area of the house where a little old-fashioned charm goes a long way, it’s the kitchen. Modern kitchens are able to offer a beautiful, bright, and spacious aesthetic that is hard to resist, but a little old-school charm goes a long way in the most important room in the house.

If there is one criticism of modern kitchens, it’s that they have a tendency to be a little… sterile. Take this kitchen for example:

Image 1

It’s a beautiful, bright, and modern aesthetic… but it doesn’t look like the most homely place in the world, does it? It doesn’t seem to encourage a family to gather together, kick back and relax as your day is discussed; in fact, it looks pretty high-maintenance. It’s lovely, but it’s a little too extreme— and the same applies to many modern kitchen aesthetics. This is why the kitchen, more than anywhere else, benefits from old-school touches; they help to inject a little warmth into a room that can otherwise trend towards cold and imposing.

So, you’re sold on the idea and know that the best way to make the most of your modern kitchen is to add a little old-school style… but what old-school fixtures and decor might suit?

Pan racks on the ceiling

Bonus points if they are pan racks holding copper-coloured pans!

There’s no denying the quaint, rustic charm of pans hanging from the ceiling, and such a display can create the interest that a modern kitchen desperately needs. What’s more, there’s a practical benefit to these pan racks too; they help to free space in cupboards, so you can really optimise your kitchen storage.

Belfast sinks

Belfast sinks were extremely popular for awhile, then they fell out of favour… and now they’re back, and looking more fabulous than ever. There’s so much to love about fireclay Belfast sinks— from their kitschy aesthetic to their enhanced practicality thanks to the sheer size, it’s easy to see why these sinks have been so welcomed back into fashion. Installing a new sink is easier than you might think, and Belfast sinks create an almost rustic look that will juxtapose wonderfully with your otherwise-modern aesthetic.


Agas throwback to a time when cooking was performed on a “range”, rather than in small electronic gadgets. At first glance, Agas appear rather haphazard; but that’s all part of their charm. While sleek kitchen gadgets can look effortlessly modern, there’s no denying that there’s a certain class to Agas that other ovens just cannot compete with. As well as the look, you will also love the practicality of an Aga if you frequently cook large meals— they make multitasking incredibly simple!

In conclusion

As wonderful as a modern kitchen can be, there’s no denying that an addition from the kitchen designs of yesteryear can really be the finishing touch that completes the look. By marrying old and new design elements, you’ll be able to enjoy a kitchen look that allows you to achieve a stunning blended style that is unique to your family home.

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