Summer Sun, Summer Fun: Folly Farm Review

*Thanks to Folly Farm for press tickets. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.

Last week we headed to Bluestone but before we checked in we had a little review trip to Folly Farm. We adore Folly Farm, it’s the one place I feel truly cares for their animals in the hope to prevent extinction and harm. There’s also lots in the way of ‘play’ for the kiddies, so you’re never stuck for something to do!

Summer Sun, Summer Fun: Folly Farm Review

It was a blazing hot day when we arrived at the farm. We decided to keep the trip a secret from the kids, and they were so excited! (You can see their reaction in our Folly Farm Vlog at the bottom of this post!).

Because of the heat, and after being stuck in the hot van, we headed indoors to cool down. There is a lovely indoor Vintage Funfair full of rides and games, and it’s so cheap! A lot of the rides cost 50p and it’s just a lovely way to spend a few hours as a family.

Once we’d exhausted the funfair we headed on out to spot some lovely animals. George and Molly adore the penguins, so this was our first stop. They’re full of so much character, bobbing and swimming around. It’s such a joy to see them in action!

I think this dude has the right idea in the blazing heat we’ve all been experiencing lately!

After the penguins we had a wander around to check out other gorgeous animals within the zoo part of Folly Farm. I adore zebras and tapirs so we had a good nosey around and found so many unusual and interesting creatures…

Aren’t they magnificent? We talked loads about all the different animals, it felt like a huge learning experience all round. I love how much space all the beautiful animals have, and since meeting Tim the Zookeeper I have become a massive fan of Folly Farm!

There’s also a lot of outdoor fun to be had in the various park areas dotted around the farm. George and Molly were hooked when they discovered the tractors! There’s also the Pirate Adventure, mentioned in our winter trip to Folly Farm, as well as The Big Dig, Go-Karts, the Big Wheel and lots more!

We had a marvellous day at Folly Farm and even though it was boiling hot, there are lots of places you can go to in order to cool down.

Folly Farm is a beautiful place, set in a beautiful location. Entry prices vary but you can buy annual passes to save you money. I’d check it out when you can, it’s a fine journey from Cardiff and it’s one of those places you’ll never forget.

Thank you for checking out our Folly Farm review, don’t forget to check out our vlog below…


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