The Impact of Office Decor on Employee Productivity   

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What most bosses and companies don’t realize is that the décor of the office or the cabins in the office can have a major impact on the overall productivity of the employees. If you have seen a drop in the productivity of your employees or you have always been unable to figure out the cause behind why your employees are not working their best, there’s a major possibility that the office décor could have something to do with it. An office with a positive, uplifting, vibrant and overall bright décor is more likely to have employees with higher levels of productivity, as opposed to an office that is dull boring and drab.  


Wall Panels Are A Great Way To Liven Up The Office Décor  

Did you know that installing wall panels can directly have an impact on the productivity of your employees? You can install several different types of wall panels in the office like urban architectural panels and other options. The reason that wooden wainscoting panels and other such panels are effective in increasing employee productivity is that these panels end up adding brightness and cheer to the office décor. The interior stone wall panels and other such classy and elegant panels also play a very important role in hiding wall flaws and chipped paint that can be very visually displeasing to someone who has to look at it every day. Further, the wall panels like the shell mosaic wall tiles and the 3D wall panels add texture and color to the otherwise dull, drab and boring white walls. This color and texture is much more motivating to employees and makes them far more productive than they would be when sitting face to face with boring and plain walls.  


Allowing Employees To Use Personal Mementos  

A lot of corporate organizations now allow employees to put up personal mementos like photographs and cards and other such trinkets on the pinboard of their cabin. Looking at photos of loved ones, kids, pets, and family can end up proving to be very motivating and inspiring for the employee. An employee that is motivated and inspired will also be far more productive than one that isn’t. Further, when the employee looks at pictures of his family and loved ones, he will be motivated to work more efficiently and much harder because he will want to do everything in his power to make enough money to give his family the best possible life.  


More Comfortable Seating, More Open Work Areas  

Human beings are social beings. Forcing them to work in singles and inside small and closed cabins can prove to be extremely depressing for your employees. Employees love to interact with one another and work together as a team. When interactions happen and the workspace is more open and free, productivity amongst the employees also increases tenfold. Further, no employee likes to be glued to his desk all day working. You can install beanbags in open work areas, outdoor seating arrangements with Wi-Fi connectivity and other such more interactive options where employees will automatically be more productive.  


Stress Relief Options And Areas In The Office  

If you have a large office and you want to provide your employees stress relief options, you can consider installing a gym in the office itself. Installing a gym will give employees to work out and bust all the stress that they are dealing with. A less stressed out employee is always more productive than an employee who is dealing with high-stress levels. Another option for releasing stress amidst employees is providing them with a game room in the office. The game room can have a pool table, ping pong table and more. When the employees feel overworked and exhausted, they can unwind by indulging in these fun and relaxing games that will eventually lead to high productivity levels once they get back to work.  


Lighting Plays An Important Role In Décor That Eventually Hampers Productivity  

Did you know that the lighting of the office can play a major role in enhancing the overall décor? If the lighting of the office is dull and dim, employees will only feel sleepy and lazy. If the lighting of the office is excessively bright that will only lead to irritation amongst the employees and that will further result in reduced productivity. You need to have lighting that is absolutely perfect and that has the right amount of brightness. The perfect lighting will help employees to be more productive and efficient in their daily chores and routine work.  


Decluttering The Office Works Like A Charm 

Working in an office that is overflowing with files, unnecessary papers, old magazines and newspaper and general clutter can be an absolute nightmare for employees. Cluttered spaces can prove to be extremely distracting and can reduce the efficiency and productivity of employees to a great extent. On the other hand, if you get all the unnecessary clutter cleared out from the office and have files stored in proper cabinets, this can help in freeing up space. A freed space subconsciously gives employees more freedom to think and work in a productive manner. Another thing to keep in mind is making sure that wires like charging cables are hidden away. Entanglement of wires on the work desk can also prove to be counterproductive when employees are working.  


As you can see, making the office décor a vibrant and productive one doesn’t really require a genius. A few basic nips and tucks are more than enough to push up the overall productivity levels amongst employees. These tips and suggestions that we have for you have worked for organizations of all sizes. You can easily incorporate these ideas without any hassles.  


Looking to remodel your office in a way that increases the overall efficiency and productivity of the employees? The tips and suggestions that we have put together are tried and tested and can help you get desired results. Start incorporating these basic changes and see the transformation in employee productivity and efficiency!  



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