Review: Photo Album Subscription Service From Neveo

Review: Photo Album Subscription Service From Neveo

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.


Recently I was asked to review a photo album subscription service from Neveo. I am always taking photos of my family and the things we get up to, so I was very interested to see how Neveo could extend this journey through their sharing albums.


Review: Photo Album Subscription Service From Neveo

Neveo focus on sharing experiences with family members through the medium of family photos. The concept is really simple yet so beautifully effective, here’s a little video to give you some idea of how it works…



The idea is to share your memories (whether they happen with other family members or not) and each month the person you choose to share with receives an album with 50 photos ad captions inside.

The steps are are follows:

  •   Upload photos at anytime during the month (50 photos for £9.99 or 100 photos for £14.99 per month)
  • Add comments, stories or messages to photos
  • Neveo will collate all the photos and messages to create a lovely album
  • Neveo send it to your chosen recipient


Added bonuses:

  • The layout is automatic, so you don’t have to worry about this aspect
  • Neveo also ship worldwide, which means distant relatives need not miss out
  • Neveo use protective servers so your photos are safe



Review of Neveo App

Neveo have a sweet little app I downloaded to my phone. It didn’t take long to download and when I clicked onto it, it was very easy to use.

You set up an account and then the fun really begins! There are lots of options in the menu bar as you can see below:



You have the option of adding other members, so for example, you could add your husband/wife/sisters/brothers so they can also contribute to the album. You could even add friends depending on who the albums are for.



Then it’s time to upload your photos!



I decided to call our album Nanny Kim, since she’d be the person receiving our album. You then click on the ‘add a photo’ section and your photos will pop up. You click on the ones you’d like to use and then click ‘add (number of) photos’ to the album (Nanny Kim in our case). It doesn’t take long for the photos to upload and then you have the option of adding a comment.



The comments can be pretty long, perfect for detailed descriptions if you’re keen to send it to a relative who lives far away.

Once you’ve added all your photos and messages it’s time to check out! This was also a very simple element and before I knew it, my order was processed.

Within a few days the album was delivered and it was really adorable…



Isn’t it adorable? I love how personal it is and how it can be used to include faraway family in your life, sharing all those speical moments of time with them.

Neveo currently have a 99p promotion, so get over there and start creating your family album now!




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