Review: Halloween Decorations From Wilko

Review: Halloween Decorations From Wilko

*We received these items in exchange for this review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.


We are in the throes of Halloween and we’re so excited to review Halloween decorations from Wilko. We received a lovely box of spooky goodies and we’re going to share our favourites with you below…


Review: Halloween Decorations From Wilko

We love Halloween and we love Wilko, so combining the two is simply heaven for us! This time of year is full of so much fun, laughter and joy. With spooky costumes, tasty treats and amazing decorations, Halloween certainly gives Christmas a run for its money!

Check out some top picks from Wilko this Halloween and if you want to see them all, then check out our live unboxing video here


Hanging Skull £2.00

This fella is pretty big and looks really effective upon the wall. It’s a snip at £2!


Halloween decorations from Wilko black skull


Halloween Vintage Decorating Kit £5

I love this kit! I’ve used this in my hallway and it has totally made my stairway spooky and perfect for Halloween!


Halloween decorations from Wilko bat decorations


Silver Effect Terracotta Pumpkin £5

I adore their pumpkin collection, and every year they fill me with joy. I leave mine out throughout the year because they’re so beautiful!


Halloween decorations from Wilko silver pumpkin


Light Up Pumpkin £5

I really like this pumpkin, it’s just so cute. It lights up with various colours and I think it’s a really kids friendly decoration…


Halloween decorations from Wilko light up pumpkin


Hanging Skeleton £3

This 3 foot skeleton is perfect for hanging on a blank wall space to spook guests, ours is on our staircase leading upstairs…


Halloween decorations from Wilko black skull head


Glow in the Dark Window Gel Decorations £1

We love decorating our window, it invites all the wonderful trick or treat-ers into our spooky world! These gel decorations are simply perfect, and they glow in the dark!


Halloween decorations from Wilko glow in the dark pumpkins


Halloween Owl Wreath £6

This gorgeous Halloween wreath is so cute! We have it hanging on our kitchen door and it makes me smile each time I see it!

Halloween decorations from Wilko owl wreath


Wilko has some amazing products and they’re so reasonably price, it’s easy to decorate your house on a budget! I hope you’ve enjoyed our review of our Halloween decorations from Wilko.


Let me know your favourite item and don’t forget to Pin It!


Halloween decorations from Wilko Pinterest pin





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