Bohemian Style

Bohemian Style

I’m about to head down a materialistic route, but please give me a chance, because it will all fit together in the end…
All my life I’ve struggled, trying to figure out, ‘Who am I?’ and wondering, ‘What am I fighting for?’ as well as all those other questions we intrigued types ask…
It’s happened slowly, over the many years of my life, and I’ve always felt a pull in the bohemian direction, but now I am learning to embrace it! I knew I felt a passion for life, the zest for creative outlets, loving one another, being free… I’m not sure I’ve ever conformed since becoming myself and emerging from my teenage/college coccoon!
There had, however, been something hanging over my head for a long time, something that may seem materialistic, but something that mattered to me… what is my defining style?
I’ve bought a lot of clothes and shoes in my life, mostly because I’ve worked in clothing shops, it becomes a therapy after dealing with customers all day 😉
I’d buy anything really, because I had no idea what suited me. Now, I don’t see clothing as simply functional, I believe clothes are, to a certain extent, an extension of ourselves. When I look at Bohemian style, I feel joyous and free, but I have never been brave enought to embrace it as a style (I’ve never embraced any style) before now…
So, this year I decided to embrace the world of Bohemian style, and I’m going to share my favourite pieces with you!
I was lucky to have had an hour shopping last week and, of course, I headed to Primark in Cardiff and picked up some awesome bits. I adore these slip on sandals, they are so comfortable and really gorgeous!

They also have a huge range of printed trousers. I went for a black and white pair and these more colourful ones! I also love this vest, ‘Your vibe attracts your tribe’ says it all, really…
I love these breezy trousers, they are fab for hanging out at the beach with the kids or digging up the weeds in the garden!
With summer around the corner it’s all about the dresses! I’m much more a midi and maxi dress kinda gal, so here are a few of my top picks…
I adore the prints on both dresses, plus the style is very body friendly for me, two babies and comfort food can kinda do a lot to your self-esteem ha!
When it comes to accesories, I adore this necklace from New Look…
I’m also loving the whole festival vibe, especially the tassles. For me, it’s all about the tassle bags and shoes!
Obviously, there are so many other clothing options out there for the boho gal, but these are the things I would actually wear!
Do you like any of the items? What’s your favourite boho kind of clothing?


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