5 Ways to Create a Bohemian Home #MyInteriorStyling

*This is a collaborative post.

When it comes to home decor, bohemian interior design hits the spot every single time. I’m well known  for my boho and hippy vibes, and when it comes to home interiors I know exactly what I want. From incense to bold prints I have an image in my mind when I think about my dream home – and it’s definitely bohemian!

Even though I am basing this post on my dream bohemian home, I already implement the boho vibe within parts of our house already…


I absolutely adore little trinkets and wall hangings with little quotes dotted around my home. There’s something so inspiring about the boho vibe, I really can’t get enough of it. I know that when we buy our own home we will extend this vibe with bold walls alongside lots of draped fabrics and patterned textiles.

5 Ways to Create a Bohemian Home #MyInteriorStyling

It’s all about individual style, and I know bohemian isn’t for everyone; it’s certainly an acquired taste! Julian Charles describes it as a messy, thrown together style, and I’m not sure I can argue with him! Check out this fantastic eBook from Julian Charles to find out how you can achieve your personal interior style

1.Get textured!

One way to create the boho vibe in any home is to increase the amount of throws, rugs and cushions. Really, you can’t get enough of these items! Layering patterned blankets or rugs works a treat to create the perfect bohemian vibe.

2.Focus on one room at a time…

Don’t worry about perfecting your entire house, instead work through it one room at a time. For example, it might be nice to start with your bedroom by adding patterned bedding, check out these varieties from Julian Charles. You could also keep an eye out in little trinket or charity shops for vintage style lampshades and retro material to brighten up and add layers to your boho room of choice!

3. Get the incense on!

My biggest obsession is incense in the home. I love how it looks and smells and it really and truly relaxes me. I can’t get enough of the stuff, plus is extremely cheap and easy to use!


4. Embrace the clutter

Enjoy your piles of to-be-read books, lap up the scattered candles and trinkets! More is more with this style of living, and these things will bring you joy if you are a lover of bohemian style!

5. Go bold!

Choose bold colours, textures and designs when thinking about curtains, bedding, rugs and any other form of interior design. There’s so much you can achieve if you just go for it –  if you’re brave and bold then the bohemian style is yours for the taking!


Do you like the Bohemian style? Or do you prefer a different take on home interiors?




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