The Importance of Growing Your Own Food on a Plant Based Diet

The Importance of Growing Your Own Food on a Plant Based Diet

*This is a collaborative post. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.


I’ve long tried to grow my own fruit and vegetables, but this past year I’ve truly realised the real importance of growing food on a plant based diet.


The Importance Your Own Food on a Plant Based Diet

Whatever your taste in food, growing some sort of healthy fruit or veg is a wonderful way to develop new skills, as well as a great chance to improve your culinary skills!

In the past few years we’ve grown peas, carrots, potatoes, corn, spring onions and so much more. We have had successes and failures, but the sheer joy of collecting home grown food from your garden and then cooking with it is the best.



I love involving the children in the growing process, and I can guarantee it tastes so much better than anything bought in a shop! It can be as simple as planting a few lettuce seeds into a small tub of soil or you can go a bit further and expand your garden into a little veg patch.

Things you could consider buying include:

  • Large bags of soil for things like potatoes and carrots
  •  Premier Polytunnels for protection and higher temperatures
  • Planters (Warren made one for us from pallets!)
  • Bamboo sticks to guide high growing plants
  • Tools for gardening (trowel, shovel, spade etc)
  • Gloves and knee protectors
  • Plants labels



I think there’s a lot to be said for nurturing plants and helping them grow and then plucking fresh fruit from their for your meal. It’s something we all take for granted when we buy from the shops, but when you’ve cared for your peas plant, for example, each pea you eat feels like an absolute joy.

You can also create growing areas no matter the size of your house or garden. We have a tiny garden and we still grow food easily. We also grow lettuce in little pots too, and these can be easily stored on windowsills or bookcases.

I also think it’s important to eat nutritiously, regardless of your diet. If you’re growing your own then you’re bound to eat healthier meals plus you can share any excess food with family and friends!

Do you grown your own veggies? What are your tips for newbie growers?



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