Review: Jurassic Kingdom at Bute Park, Cardiff

*Thank you to Jurassic Kingdom for press tickets for this event.


Jurassic Kingdom has taken over Bute Park and Cardiff is going crazy for the huge (and vocal!) dinosaurs on offer, but is it all it’s cracked up to be? We visited ahead of the opening day and returned today to give you a full, well-rounded and honest review of the experience.

Review: Jurassic Kingdom at Bute Park, Cardiff

On Saturday we headed back to Bute Park to check out the dinosaurs since they’re in full swing in the Welsh capital. From the outside the large and imposing dinosaurs are impressive and slightly daunting, and the people surrounding the area certainly get a good glimpse of what’s on offer…

The online tickets are priced at £11.50 per adult and £9.50 per child (plus booking fee online), so that’s just under £48 for a family of two adults and two children. They’re cheaper if you book online compared to purchasing tickets on the actual day – always a good thing!

It was super busy the day we were there, with lots of families checking this place out. I think there are a lot of benefits to learning about the past, searching for answers and generally learning more about dinosaurs…

However, there are so many things that need to be improved within this experience, that I feel quite frustrated. I really wanted to head back once the park had officially opened so we could see it in all its glory (the preview was quite disappointing) but I have to be completely honest and say that not much has been improved.

Yes, the dinosaurs are moving and roaring, but the attention to detail has been completely missed. As we wandered around we struggled to see the greatness we know is possible from an event like this.

For example, we spotted several missing the information signs for some dinosaurs as well as mis-matched information. This really worries me, because kids are like sponges and they pick up all this information, so it’s not great that a lot of it is incorrect. We really feel this needs addressing as we weren’t alone, as we walked around we heard lots of other families complaining about this issue too.

As to be expected, there are parts of the trail are petty loud and daunting, and I have heard of a few children who have been a little scared by the dinos, so take this into account when booking if you have a sensitive child…



I think it’s also important to mention that all the rides and activities beyond the dinosaurs cost between £3-5 which means we’d probably spend an extra £10-15 per child, and that’s without buying food from the various vendors. We did see a lot of folk having sweet little picnics, which makes perfect sense  because you can make a full day of the experience.

There are also parts of Bute Park included within the trail that we’re starting to miss having for free, so if the warthog is your go to place, don’t expect to see the little fella until the end of August!



We were also a little disappointed with the condition of the dinosaurs. Not only could you see every join where they’ve assembled them, there are also lots of broken parts. Quite a few of them had missing teeth or eyes and it just felt a little sad and neglected.



There are plenty of dinos to see as you walk around, but I really do question the £48  price tag for what you get. There’s no way I could justify it for this price, especially with the condition of the dinosaurs and all the added extras. I think there needs to be a lot more included for that price, and lots of the dinosaurs need a bit more in the way of TLC, because they could be wonderful.

If you do plan to spend fifty quid on this event, I’d definitely make sure you go for the whole day and take a picnic to get your money’s worth.

Have you been to see the dinosaurs? What do you think?



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