Move Over Hygge: It’s Time to Embrace Friluftsliv in 2018.

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I have only recently heard of Friluftsliv, but I was immediately hooked by the idea. Hygge seems to have taken off across the UK, and now it’s time for us to embrace another way of living. This Norwegian culture and lifestyle embraces the outdoors and all the freedom and beauty that comes with it. Achieving this lifestyle can be incredibly hard, especially when you’re living in the city.

Friluftsliv and the outdoors

This is such a wonderful way to live, and one we should all embrace with open arms. We all know that embracing the outdoors can reduce stress and bring a whole new way of seeing the world around us.

Obviously, the most appropriate way to achieve this lifestyle is to get outside and breathe in the fresh air. We’re really lucky, because Cardiff is full of greenery and beautiful outdoor scenery. However, it’s not always easy to get out and about; our lives are full of so many ‘things to do’. It can be hard to find time to embrace the simpler things in life, but we all know we should.

How to Create Friluftsliv in Your Own Home and Garden

There are so many ways you can bring the outdoors into your very own home. I thought I’d pop together a few suggestions so you can begin to embrace this way of life straight away!


Lighting can make a huge difference. Evenings outdoors can last a lot longer if you can see what your doing, and there are so many options over at Festive Lights.

I completely adore the idea of festoon lighting. It’s so beautiful, and when you’re in the city stars are sometimes lost with all the street lighting. These remind me of a blanket of stars, and I could imagine relaxing underneath them in all types of weather!

Friluftsliv outdoor lights

Festoon Lights £39.99 Photo credit: Festive Lights

You could also incorporate fairy lights into your back garden if you prefer something a bit more delicate. They can be attached to bushes, trees or even along a shed, if you have one.

Photo credit: Festive Lights

Re-connect with nature

The whole point of this way of life is to re-connect with nature. We recently spent a whole day in our little yard, and whilst there we planted seeds, met bumblebees, snails and shield bugs as well as embracing the fresh air, clouds and sunshine.

Go into your garden, no matter the weather… Embrace the creatures, the grass beneath your feet (I miss grass so much since moving house!) and don’t let a drizzle of rain stop you.


Go green indoors

Whether you have a garden or not, it’s important to being greenery into your home. From pot plants to herbs, adding these flashes of colour and nature are an important part of Friluftsliv living.

You can also add green touches to your dining table along with more outdoor lighting in the form of lanterns and fairy lights.

Friluftsliv indoors greenery and gold lights

Long walks and BBQs

Okay, okay, so a long walk means leaving your house. But when you get back you could get a fire or BBQ roaring in the garden and cook up a feast. This would give you the camping and outdoorsy vibe without the hassle of pitching up  tent!


Teach your children these values

Norwegians are brought up to embrace the wild outdoors, from camping to map reading, they’re core values of their culture and lifestyle. Why not set up a treasure hunt or camp in your back garden? Make mud pies and grow vegetables? Teach your children these core values from an early age and you will have children with happy and peaceful constitutions. Not only that, but they’ll be skilled, experienced and adventurous in later life.


Have you embraced this wonderful Norwegian lifestyle yet?


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