Coping With Anxiety: Count to 10…

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I’m in a hot-headed house, two Leo’s, a Scorpio and a Capricorn (okay this one’s not so much hot-headed as stubborn), so there can be days when people bicker or say the wrong thing… Not only that, but our lifestyle can create ‘interesting’ conversations and sometimes conflict.

It got me thinking about certain techniques that people use to diffuse situations and deal with anxiety and the most useful and simple technique I have ever been taught is, ‘Count to 10’.

So, I thought I’d write a post about situations when counting to 10 might just help…

1. When strangers say inappropriate things. One person might walk away and cry and another might just pop them between the eyes… I’m very guilty of feeling beaten down by other people’s opinions, so when I do get confronted I sometimes have the ’10 Second’ light-bulb moment and I reply with something witty and walk away not giving two hoots… To more of these moments, please!

2. When children push, push, push… Whether they’re upset, angry, tired or hungry, there are occasions when I I feel completely overwhelmed and out of my depth with my emotions. Just now, I was called upstairs (it’s 9.34pm) by Molly, who wanted me to be with her. I’ve had this for five nights in a row ever since Nanny Kim stayed with them until they fell asleep whilst Warren and I were at the theatre, needless to say it’s been a tiring week. I went up to see her and counted to 10 in my head. Then I calmly talked to her and popped her into bed and haven’t heard a peep since. I could have been annoyed but those moments, that pause button, it really did help.

3. When adults push, push, push… Sometimes I want to say mean things when Warren annoys me, sometimes I do, but it doesn’t make me feel any better. So, when I have chance I take a deep breath and count. Then I say nothing, or I go one further and apologise. Does it feel better?! Yes!

4. When things just don’t go your way… Banging your toe on the table leg, dropping dog food all across the floor, getting caught in a heavy downpour and realising no one is wearing wellies or waterproofs, all these things in one succession can give any adult a major meltdown moment. But, count to 10. Remember, if you have a roof over your head, food on the table and a full heart, forget the rest! A stubbed toe is nothing compared to not having those things…

5. When you don’t believe in yourself. Self-doubt is insane. It can totally ruin your flow, and you don’t deserve it. Count to 10. Think of the things you’ve achieved, now whack on your favourite song, look in the mirror and rock it out!

I know it might not seem easy, but sometimes all you need to do is breatheā€¦

Are there any other situations that call for the ‘Count to 10’? Do you have any other coping mechanisms for this mad world?

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