The Highs and Lows of a First Flight Experience

So yeah, I guess I did it. I went on my first ever plane ride aged 34. Was I scared? Yes. But I’m going to try to write a little post to help you calm those nerves and look forward to your first ever flight. This isn’t a post for the know-it-all, it’s a post for the person going into the unknown.
We flew from Cardiff to Barcelona on a Sunday afternoon. We arrived with hours to spare before the flight, and it was a good job too. The queue suddenly grew for check-in. We were second in line and I had no idea what was going on. We had luggage, passports and ourselves, so I hoped that was enough. It was. You take your stuff up to the desk, they weigh your luggage, check your passports and do some fiddly bits on the computer, then you go through to the next stage: security.
The check-in people were really friendly but when we got to the security part, it was less welcoming. Don’t get me wrong, I get they have a job to do, but there was one dude who was less than friendly. Short tempered, he rushed us through as though he expected us to know what to do. We didn’t. Then an older, friendlier guy came by and helped us. He took water off me because it was over 100ml, but he was SO kind about it. He helped me make sure we’d put the right things into the plastic tubs and pointed to the body scanner bit. We all went through it without a problem and Molly helped pack all the plastic boxes away! A lovely lady helped her and I finally began to feel settled into the whole concept of getting on a plane!
At this point we had time to spare so we had a bite to eat in the airport and watched the planes getting ready for flight. It was fascinating!
For me, as a first time flyer, it was not knowing what was happening or what was to come that unnerved me the most. So, after we’d eaten we went to the toilet and it was time to queue up to get onto the plane. Arghhhh, I felt nervous at this point. But, having kids with us meant I had to keep strong and they were so excited, how could I let my nerves overpower me?! I could beat it! And I did.
I stumbled onto the plane with everyone else, found our seats and buckled up for the ride. Now comes the bit I didn’t really like… the plane carefully rolls onto the runway and then, whoaaaah…. It speeds up like a roller-coaster and then suddenly you’re in the air. My worst bit was over and I was staring at the clouds, watching the land slowly disappear. It was pretty magical.
We made sure we had sweets etc to suck on to help with ear popping, but it didn’t work much and the kiddies were pretty upset (on the way home we used lollipops and they helped a lot more).
The whole concept of being up in the air unnerves me, even now, but our first Vueling flight was smooth, the staff were awesome and we landed without a hitch. We arrived in Barcelona and (for once in our lives) we were sheep. We followed all the other people to passport control and luggage collection. Barcelona Airport is massive, so it was easier this way. We collected our luggage and then we left. It was time to see Barcelona!


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