Get Creative with Wynne Evans and BBC Radio Wales!


Today we were incredibly lucky to have been invited to BBC Radio Wales to chat to Wynne Evans all about last year’s Get Creative day. Get Creative encourages everyone across the UK to take part in something creative, from pottery to painting, tight-rope walking to graffiti art.

We met Wynne today to talk about our experience last year during the Get Creative event. We signed up for a fab day out at No Fit State Circus in Cardiff, and we ended up having a fantastic time indeed! George and Molly had a go at juggling, spinning plates and tried their hand at Diablo. Since then they’ve gone on to have weekly lessons at No Fit State!


The great thing about Get Creative is that it’s totally free, so you can try something old or something new, and ultimately gain a new skill and experience along the way. We met lovely people, we had fun, we learnt new things and it was a fabulous experience for all of us. You can also be creative at home if you can’t make it to an event!

Today we headed to BBC Wales to meet Wynne and have a chat about last year’s Get Creative event. We had such a fab time, and it awesome for the kids to see the BBC studios and see how everything works behind the scenes. They were very impressed with just how much the BBC produces in the way of television and they were very excited to be ‘famous’ for the day!


We met Wynne (who is absolutely lovely!) and his team (who are also very lovely) and soon it was time to go on air. I admit I was very nervous, but everyone made us all feel so relaxed, and we ended up having a lovely chat with Wynne.

This year’s Get Creative event runs from 7th – 9th April 2017 and we cannot wait to take part again!

Will you be attending any free events during the Get Creative weekend?


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