Review: Tom Thumb at Sherman Theatre.

Review: Tom Thumb at Sherman Theatre.

Yesterday we had the pleasure of attending Sherman Theatre to see the first performance of Tom Thumb, brought to the stage by Lyngo and starring Patrick Lynch. This story tells a tale of a tiny boy called Tom, who overhears his parent’s plan to take the children to the forest and leave them there because of their poverty stricken life. Tom has other ideas though, and he won’t give up on returning home to be with his parents…

I had no idea what to expect from this performance, but I was pleasantly surprised as it unfolded into a magical fairy-tale via Lynch’s beautiful performance. The stage was set with various contraptions and the props were so cleverly created; I particularly adored the use of pulleys, magnets and magical moments of inspiration. These constructions were imaginative and I felt as though I was watching my own children create and play with the various sensory instruments.

The music and lighting added extra sensory elements, and reinforced the magical intimacy created by Lynch. Lynch performs with a childlike manor, offering a gentle and interactive character to the audience. He is mesmerising as Tom, as well as various other characters, and the costume and props allow him to flit between the different characters in order to tell the story.

Lynch also offers a very calm and soothing environment, drawing us into Tom’s world as the story unfolds. I loved how he interacted with the audience and how relaxed the atmosphere felt. With gorgeously simple yet effective special effects (think water, movement, feathers…) this show is a glorious example of imagination and heart.

I implore you to catch this performance!

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