Student Stationery Must Haves on a Budget

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Being a student can be so expensive, so I thought it would be useful to write a post all about student stationery must have on a budget. Warren has recently completed his first year studying at university. It’s been a tough old year, mostly financially speaking, but not forgetting the harrowing experience in October. It’s time to cut back on splashing the cash, so here are some tips for others in the same boat…

Student Stationery Must Haves on a Budget

I thought it would be a good idea to pop together a list of inexpensive student must haves. It can be a pricey game but if you shop carefully you can grab a few bargains!


Oh I am obsessed with notepads, and I’m not a student! My desk is full of different ones and I love using each one for something different. I think it’s the writer in me, but they’re one of my secret obsessions. You can get some amazing bundles online and I think it’s also a good idea to check out any stationery sales in places like Tesco or Lidl- you never know what you’ll find!


You might know how much I love pens, and any student should have an ever-lasting supply of pens. Making notes, writing up lecture notes, jotting down ideas- you need lots of pens! You can get super cheap biro bundles from most shops, but I like to check out W.H Smith for pens because there’s often a deal or two to be had.


Ring binders

Keeping your work all in one place is essential. Ring binders can offer organisation in an inexpensive and functional way. I love being organised, and I think it comes from my student days! Ring binders are essential for small spaces and quick referencing; perfect for any student.



Warren is obsessed with having his diary with him 24/7. He needs to know where his next lecture is, as well as what time and which room. He also needs to keep note of any other commitments he has, such as band or blog events. It’s essential for a student’s sanity to keep a diary! Warren goes for academic diaries and he normally picks them up from The Works for a bargain price.


Wall planners

Wall planners can be useful if you like to see your year ahead. You can sometimes pick these up at your Fresher’s Fair, and if you can’t find one check out Amazon for super cheap deals.

Can you think of any other super cheap student stationery must haves?


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