Review: Guess How Much I Love You at Sherman Theatre

*Thanks to Sherman Theatre for free tickets in exchange for this review


Today we had a lovely afternoon watching Guess How Much I Love You at Sherman Theatre. I love going to the theatre as a family, and Sherman is a short walk away from our home so it’s win-win!

Review: Guess How Much I Love You at Sherman Theatre

Molly adores the Guess How Much I Love You books, so I was really excited to take her along. We went during school time so they were the oldest kiddies there, but it was lovely hearing all the toddlers getting excited ahead of the show.

The stage was set with wooden scenery and lots of various props which were used during the different scenes. There was a young girl wandering the stage, waving at the little ones and generating a lovely little vibe upon stage.

The story follows four seasons from the point of view of Big and Little Nutbrown Hare. The three performers worked seamlessly and tirelessly upon the stage, and their interaction was well timed and also very sweet!

I thought the girl performed beautifully, her voice was so lovely and several times she I welled up as she sang. The songs were adorable and sentimental and I could have listened to them all day. The hares provided the humor and relationship of the story, with games and playtime between them, whilst the girl led the seasons and the song. It was a lovely combination…

I do feel there were quite a few lulls during the performance, as though it was an attempt to fill the story. These moments were filled with a type of dance/yoga sequence and I felt that the audience became most restless during these times.

There were some attempt to create interactive moments, but the audience didn’t seem to respond much to it. We joined in as much as we could though!

I really loved the props and season changes, Molly really loved these too, and there were some lovely puppetry and prop changes during the show.

Overall I think it would be much better without the repetitive elements and slow, yoga/dance scenes. But, beyond this there is a huge sense of love within the play, and when we left we spotted other children singing the songs from the show. Very sweet indeed…

We had a lovely afternoon together as a family and I really hope you enjoy it if you manage to get tickets for tomorrow’s performances.

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