Book Review: Angry Cookie by Laura Dockrill

                                                                                                       *Thanks to Walker Books for this very lovely book in exchange for review


We recently received a lovely little package from Walker Books with a yummy cookie, cookie stickers, cookie badge and an awesome book, Angry Cookie by Laura Dockrill and illustrated by Maria Karipidou.


Book Review: Angry Cookie by Laura Dockrill

Angry Cookie doesn’t want us watching him, we’re driving him insane because he’s had a really bad day and his glass is empty. BUT… as we stick with him and his story, he discovers how to look at life more positively and realises his glass isn’t so empty anymore!

We all snuggled up in bed and Molly read Angry Cookie to us. It was lovely listening to her voice Angry Cookie, and she was really animated as the story continued. I love how the story is told via a monologue from Angry Cookie, he’s so very cute and I could relate to the build up of negative events…



I felt like the book touches perfectly on mental health for children. How many small negatives build to make you feel like the world has turned against you, but how our attitude and strength can turn this into a positive. It’s a simple way of teaching them how to approach life, and I can safely say I could have done with this book in my life when I was a kid!

Once we’d read it we talked about the themes and how he turned his day around, but also how it’s okay to have these feelings. Talking to friends and seeing the good in things should be our focus for our own wellbeing.

I love how the book ends with a realistic and funny twist. It makes you smile even though its dealing with a difficult and deep subject.

We loved it so much and I think it will be a regular read at bedtime from now on!





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