The Experts in Everything Outdoors: Simply Hike

*I received a lovely waterproof coat in exchange for this post and I love it! Thank you Simply Hike.


When it comes to being prepared for the great outdoors, you really don’t need to look any further than Simply Hike. Simply Hike are an online retailers specialising in everything you could possibly need when venturing in the great open space we call the outdoors.

The Experts in Everything Outdoors: Simply Hike

Walking Boots

Feet are, without doubt, a pretty darn important part of our bodies. You certainly don’t want to go on an adventure and realise you’ve got the most inappropriate footwear resulting in blisters and pain. When it comes to walking boots, Simply Hike has you covered. There’s a fantastic selection to choose from, and I quite fancy this lovely pair for only £80.50 (RRP £115)…



I think having the right kind of footwear for your precious feet is key to adventuring, and I also think price ranges for this kind of product will be higher than an ordinary pair of shoes, but they’ll be 100% worth it!


They also stock wellies, sandals, trail shoes and socks, so you’re covered for any occasion…


Waterproof Coats

This kind of gear isn’t just for people off on a 5o mile hike, it’s made for those staying closer to home too! I love going for long dog walks and it’s so important to be protected in the rain, otherwise you’ll just have a rubbish time and most likely head home.

I recently received this gorgeous North Face waterproof coat from Simply Hike and it’s so lightweight and durable, I love it!



When it comes to the great outdoors, there’s nothing more necessary than a bag. No matter where you’re going or who you’re with, the weather can change, you need to eat and stay hydrated and you also need vital supplies such as first aid kits and camping tools. A bag can take care of all of this and much, much more! I really adore this Osprey Travel Bag because it looks incredibly practical and lightweight, plus I like the design and colour. Having a suitable bag for all situations is a must in my life anyway, so if you’re looking for something long-lasting and practical, look no further!



We love camping, and we’re totally under pressure to replace our tent soon (remember Camp Bestival?), so I’ve been having a little nose at Simply Hike’s collection. I’m super impressed with the selection, from compact and practical to all out summer holiday style tents, they have it all!


When it comes to the great outdoors, Simply Hike have all bases covered. The products are perfect for all kinds of outdoor fun and there are products for all sorts of budgets. I’m definitely keeping an eye on their site for a new tent when the time comes, and I might even treat myself to a new pair of walking boots whilst I’m at it!



Have you shopped at Simply Hike? What do you think of their products?


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