Review & Unboxing: Rainbocorns Series 2 From Zuru Toys

Rainbocorns Series 2 Sequin Surprise Sparkle Hearts pictured unopened     *These were given to us in exchange for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own


Last week we received a very exciting package from Zuru Toys! Molly and I  couldn’t wait to unbox and review Rainbocorns Series 2, read on to find out more…


Review: Rainbocorns Series 2 From Zuru Toys

Molly and I opened the box and she literally whooped with joy at the sight of the gorgeous eggs! We received a Rainbocorn Sequin Surprise (£24.99) and a Rainbocorn Sparkle Heart (£9.99), and we couldn’t wait to crack them open!

Molly got stuck in with the smaller Rainbocorn, and received a gorgeous little new friend, along with some Rainbocorn Poop Slime and a colour changing Boo-Boocorn! She loves playing so much, so she was so excited to discover such a cuddly little friend. You also get to peel off his little heart to discover what they like, and ours likes poop!


Rainbocorns Sparkle Hearts pictured with egg and mini egg and rainbow poop slime

Rainbocorns Sparkle Hearts pictured with egg and mini egg



Molly saved the larger Rainbocorn Sequin Surprise till last, and she wasn’t disappointed! There are so many wonderful treats inside, such as Rainbocorn Poop Slime and a  very cute bracelet. For £24.99, I can imagine getting her one for her birthday or Christmas gift, and I know for a fact she’d play with it for hours days weeks months years to come…


Zuru Toys Rainbocorns Series 2 Sequin Surprise pictured with egg, mini egg, stickers, plus extra gifts


In the end, George named this little fella Mark, and they’ve played with him every single day since. They have taken him to the library, the shops, for a sleepover at Nanny Kim’s and more; he certainly leads an interesting life! They all have a special scent, and Mark smells like sweeties, so we all keep hugging and smelling him…


Zuru Toys Rainbocorns Series 2 Sequin Surprise with young girl with curly hair


You can find out even more about these fab toys over on our latest unboxing vlog. If you watch it, please let us know what you think in the comments below!



You can buy these gorgeous Rainbocorns Series 2 and Sparkle Hearts from Smyths, The Entertainer, Argos, Asda, Tesco and B&M from July. We love our new additions, and if you loved this review of Rainbocorns Series 2 from Zuru Toys, pop a comment below, we’d love to hear your thoughts…

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