Imaginative and Joyful: Sylvanian Families

*Thank you to Sylvanian Families for our samples to review.

Molly and George adore playing with Sylvanian Families. They bring a whole host of joys with them, from creating families to communities and more.

Imaginative and Joyful: Sylvanian Families

Whenever I walk into Molly’s bedroom I normally find several Sylvanians across the floor alongside houses and ice cream parlours. In between them my children can be found, putting on voices and pretending to buy groceries. It’s joyous and beautiful to watch.

Last week George and Molly received a gorgeous bundle of Sylvanians to review, and I couldn’t wait to see their faces! Molly and George were so excited to try them out…



Of course, they didn’t last long in their boxes! Check out this short video from Popcorn Kids (George and Molly) unboxing and playing with their Sylvanian goodies…



That afternoon the play lasted for hours. They absolutely loved their various characters and accessories. For this review, we received:

It was very interesting to see Molly and George dive into opposite things. Molly was super into the figures whilst George was keen to sort the accessories.



I think Sylvanian Families are so adorable, and they’re such high quality toys. The family sets come with clothing and the toy poodles come with a dummy and a bottle. The accessory sets are fab; from headbands to bags, they’re great for adding character to each little Sylvanian. As for the sandwiches set, well it’s pretty cute. Croissants, baguettes, sandwiches and more…



I love how engaged my children are with these toys. They create many worlds together, and it’s amazing to see them connect through this kind of play. Play is so important for children’s imagination and I think Sylvanian Families are the perfect way to play!

George and Molly are completely in love with their new selection of characters and accessories, so thank you Sylvanian Families!



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