Review – Kinetic Theatre Arts Presents Jekyll and Hyde: The Musical

*Thanks to Kinetic Theatre Arts for review tickets.


I was recently invited to see Jekyll and Hyde performed by Kinetic Theatre Arts. Warren and I have attended many of their performances together. I feel as if we’ve watched the talented cast grow over the years, and today was the height of their performances so far.

Kinetic Theatre Arts Presents Jekyll and Hyde: The Musical

I am shocked I’ve never heard of Jekyll and Hyde: The Musical before. I was really intrigued to see how the story would work with music, and what I discovered was beautiful. The story follows Dr Jekyll as he attempts to extract evil from within himself. His experiments lead to disastrous consequences and his world falls apart.

Kinetic Theatre Arts¬†are an amazing team and they work extremely hard. Their teamwork is vibrantly obvious and I love seeing them develop show after show. Kris Crowley has excelled himself with this performance; the choreography is clever and quirky. I particularly loved the umbrella scene, but you’ll have to book a ticket to see what I’m talking about!

The cast has been perfectly placed, with Jack Green as Dr Henry Jekyll. I loved his presence on stage and how he handled the role of Dr Jekyll. His voice was extremely powerful and I loved his interaction with the other cast members.

Alongside Green was Sam Sello as Edward Hyde; a terrifying and dark version of Jekyll. Sello was in his element as he performed; with a vicious intent and a deeply dark laugh he worked the stage as he tortured and killed the characters around him. He was fantastic and this role suited him perfectly! Utterson was performed by Thomas Price. He gave a very gentle performance, with lovely vocals and a kindness you cannot merely perform. There is something very sweet about Price’s presence on stage – he’s a joy to watch.

Alongside these wonderfully talented men are wonderfully talented women. Georgia Miller performs as Emma, Dr Jekyll’s wife-to-be. She has the voice of an angel, and I loved how she portrayed the character of Emma.

Warren and I both agreed that Jade Wellbeloved was outstanding during the show. Her accent, emotion and voice- oh, what a voice! Wellbeloved is growing into a strong, extremely capable and moving performer. I truly cannot wait to see more from her- she’s a rising star indeed!

This musical is extremely powerful; the songs are beautiful and the storyline incredibly sad. I think Kinetic Theatre Arts performed professionally, with passion and power. It was a joy to watch and a joy to see how far they’ve all come.

I look forward to the next performance from Kinetic Theatre Arts! You can catch Jekyll and Hyde: The Musical tomorrow at 2pm and 7.30pm at The Atrium, Cardiff. Get your tickets here!




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