Review: Kinetic Arts Present Footloose.

Last night Warren and I attended the gorgeous Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama to see Kinetic Arts production of Footloose. I remember watching the movie growing up, but it had been a while since I’d last seen it so I couldn’t remember the full storyline.

The story follows Ren, a city kid from Chicago, who is suddenly plunged into quiet town life, where rock music and dancing is banned. With the help of some new friends, Ren tries to convince the town and the Reverend that music and dancing isn’t such a bad thing, but will they listen?

The cast is made up of a talented bunch of young adults, with Georgia Tonge in the role of Ariel, Jack Meek as Ren, Georgia Miller as Russey, Izzy Bromilow as Wendy Jo, Gwen James as Vi, Jordanna Portelli as as Ethel and Jack Davies as Reverend Shaw.

The first act set the scene, with the band performing perfectly and excellent choreography thanks to Kris Crowley (Director/Choreographer). I thought the costumes were varied, colourful and well constructed, and the cast put 110% into all the performances during both acts. I did however feel that the second act was a lot stronger, as though the cast had found their feet and pushing that little bit more to impress. 

It was great to see one of my favourites, Jade Wellbeloved, give it her all as part of the cast, even though she wasn’t performing as the lead on the night we attended. Georgia Tonge performed with confidence alongside the one and only Jack Meek as Ren. We love Jack, he’s always impressed us in past performances and we loved seeing him take centre stage. He has so much energy and he’s really entertaining; using the stage to its fullest and interacting with the rest of the cast perfectly. I also thought Vi and Ethel’s duet and general performance was outstanding, with commitment to the quality of their performance and  presentation upon the stage. 

There seemed to be a few sound issues throughout the show, such as microphones picking up backstage conversations or microphones switched off during the performance. There were also some performers without microphones, which is fine, but they didn’t project their voice enough for us to catch all of their lines; this could sometimes be quite frustrating. The band was also quite loud compared to the performers, which meant their voices were drowned out at times. 

For both Warren and I, it was Jack Davies’s performance as Reverend Shaw that really impressed us. He has grown so much since we first saw him on stage last year. He has gone from strength to strength and started to stand out for us in Rent earlier this year. I loved his performance last night, his voice and accent were both spot on and super impressive, I cannot praise his performance highly enough…

The show presents the story clearly, with great stage choreography and simple set changes and props. The cast seems to have great chemistry and huge amounts of energy, the perfect combination for any successful show.

Footloose is on until 21st December 2017 and tickets start from £10.00 each. 

Disclosure: I received tickets in exchange for review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.


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