Why the World Needs to Listen to Ready Player One’s Overwhelming Message.

Why the World Needs to Listen to Ready Player One’s Overwhelming Message.

Ready Player One has hit the cinemas and I can only imagine the turn-out it’s had. I managed to catch it a while ago, thanks to ShowFilmFirst, and I have to say, I absolutely loved it. I’d heard so many negative things being said about the blatant 80’s vibe, but I wouldn’t be without this kind of nostalgia in a movie, because it’s the best kind!

Not only does this movie play homage to the best of the 80’s, it also holds the key to a positive future for the people of the technological world. 

Why the World Needs to Listen to Ready Player One’s Overwhelming Message.

I watched the movie intently, adoring each reference to the 80’s, b ut deep down there was one message that stood out amongst all the action packed, virtual reality adventures the characters were a part of. 

It was the message of moderation. The message that we need to propel ourselves into a world where we stop and look around at this beautiful world and the people within it, without the constant need for technology or escapism.

The story ends with the firm stance that the OASIS (a virtual reality world) is turned off two days a week, because we need to focus on the real world, real people and real things. 

For me, this was the major message, and it comes right at the end of the movie. This stuck with me, reminding me how overwhelmed with technology, the internet and alternative realities we are. The idea that we reach back into the real world for two days each week blows my mind and warms my heart; it really is a turning point for how I hope to handle our own use of technology in our home from now on. 

I really do think we’re bombarded with the virtual world, even Facebook and Twitter are places for us to escape and pretend, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s healthy for us 24 hours, 7 days a week…

So yep, I’m planning to cut back on my tech use each week. I’m planning to spend more time with my head in a book or connecting with my children. I’m planning on enjoying more of the real world without worrying about notifications, retweets or statuses. 

I’m planning to live my life more in the real world, and it’s thanks to Ready Player One that I can finally take the plunge…

And I kinda think the world should take the plunge too. 

Have you seen the movie yet? What did you think?


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