Aspiring Writer? You’ll Learn What You Need At University.

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Nothing “makes” a writer; it’s not a craft that you can ever really learn. However, if you have the core talent, then there are some things that’ll nudge you in the right direction, and which will take your seed of potential and make it grow. Of these, few things can compete with university. There, you’ll receive the training, ideas, and many of the other prerequisites for writing well. Below, we take a look at some of the extensive benefits studying for a course can add to your writing skills.
Into the Deep End
If you take a humanities course, then you’ll be honing your craft just as a matter of routine of studying. For starters, you’ll have a long stack of books you need to work your way through, and there’s no better way to separate good writing from bad than by reading. If you’re studying English Literature, then all the better: you’ll be surrounded by some of the history’s greatest writers. And then there’s the matter of your assignments: the best way to improve your writing, is just to, well, write. When you’re churning out two thousand words each week, you’ll naturally find your style.
Meeting People
When you’re growing up, you’re very often surrounded by the same type of people, especially if you live in a relatively small town. At university, this will all change. You’ll be living in student accommodation with people from all backgrounds, perhaps with people from different countries. To be a good writer, you need to have an open mind – and there’s nothing that’ll open your mind more than by meeting people with different ideas, ways of conducting themselves, views of the world, and so on.
Creative Opportunities
Now, we know, we know: you’re going to have a lot of assignments to complete, and then there’s the fun of the social scene. But if you’re serious about writing, then it’s important that you take a look at all of the extracurricular opportunities that are available at the university. There may be a school newspaper, where you’ll – more or less – have free reign over what you write. This is an opportunity that many people wish they could have, and you’ll have them right in front of you. There’ll also be other students look to create their own magazines and the like – get involved, and your writing will improve in no time.
Story After Story
That’s not to say the social side of university isn’t important: it most definitely is! It’s a fun time of your life, where you’ll have experiences that you’ll one day look back on and think “well, wow, that was a bit different.” If you keep your eyes open as you’re living through these times, then you’ll have a boatload of experiences that could later become a foundation for your writing.
The university of life will serve you well, but for sheer opportunities and becoming more open-minded and the rest, few things can match university on your journey to becoming a writer.


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