Sustainable Productivity For Even The Lethargic Home Writer.

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When it comes to setting up your personal home office, it can be worthwhile to perfectly execute a few additions. After all, writing is a creative process, not something you can phone in or falsify. When it comes to creativity, most artists would assure you that environment, set and setting matters. Why should your writing be any different? No matter if you work in SEO content writing, professional article publishing, cultivate a niche blog or simply comment on YouTube videos as a mainline hobby, a writing office could be the perfect thing for you to implement in your home.

But how should you go about this? Are there items you can embed in this space to improve your writing, or at least help you get in that mindset? We’d say that there are, and they might look like the following:

Keep Inspirations Close

It’s important to have your inspirations nearby. We’d suggest that you keep a form of clear vision when facing your monitor, desk or typewriter. This means that the space in front of you need not be cluttered. Keeping inspirations should likely be at your sides, where you can turn to them in a moment of pondering or editing strife. This might mean a collection of books that inspired you to write, a framed copy of a signed page from your favourite author, or affirmations you have jotted with your best use of calligraphy. This helps your space become unique and custom made for you.

Be Friendly To Your Bum

It’s important to own the most comfortable chair you can afford. We’d recommend a high backed executive chair or a chair that conforms your posture in the interest of health. You may need a bulky item courier to transport your choice to your home, but the effort is more than worth it. When you are upright, supported, comfortable and relaxed in your chair, you can be sure that your seating relaxation never bothers you when generating ideas for your life-changing novel. The calm ally of any good writer is butt comfort, and so sparing no expense here is as important as any other item.

Treasure Your Typing

If you’re writing in any serious sense, it’s likely that you generate many words a day. Some elite authors boast writing even six to eight thousand words every twenty-four hours. This means that your finger health must come into question. If you write digitally (we’d consider that to be the most likely option,) then writing on an uncomfortable keyboard simply cannot do. A professional guitar player would not subject themselves to a discount guitar, so in this vein you must consider this investment the most important.

We’d recommend opting for full-length keyboards that keep comfortable Blue Cherry MX switches. These mechanical keyboards allow for the most functional and natural typing experience, as each key presses with a satisfying click and keeps finger force in mind when naturally conforming to that pressure. Typing with one of these keyboards is far removed from the pains of long-term cheap typing, so be sure to respect your fingers and see the difference here. You’ll thank us.

No matter what capacity you write in, sustainable productivity can be yours with these simple additions.


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