5 Active Summer Ideas for All the Family.

5 Active Summer Ideas for All the Family.
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Thank goodness summer’s nearly here. The warmer weather makes it a lot better for doing activities outside and when the summer holidays roll around you’ll need to think of plenty of ideas to fill up your days. Whether you’re going on an actual holiday or just looking for some active inspiration to tire out your kids, there are all sorts of great ideas out there. From sporty staycations to activities that require investing in equipment or using what you already have, at least one of the following five activities should suit your family.

5 Active Summer Ideas for All the Family…


Cycling Adventures

If everyone in your family owns a bike, then going on a cycling adventure should be an easy way to stay active. There are all sorts of places to arrange a family bike ride around the UK countryside, whether you’ve got some riders with little legs or are heading out with teenagers. You should be able to tailor these to suit, finding a local route if you want to set off from home in the afternoon or searching for longer cycling adventures to fill up a holiday.

Canoeing on a Lake

Summer is the best time to get involved with water sports. Especially if you haven’t been canoeing before, then the whole family will be starting off on the same level. Have a few lessons with a qualified instructor as a family so you can all learn and have fun together, before paddling out on a lake.

Trail Running

Running isn’t always every family’s idea of fun, but if you find a good nature route it can be. Turn it into a game of eye-spy to make it more enjoyable for your kids, while running through parks and woods will be a lot better than roadsides. You can always mix it up, letting youngsters use a scooter from Skate Hut to keep up with a faster pace.

Paddle Boarding

A relatively new type of water sport, paddle boarding is easy to get the hang of when you’ve got good balance. Standing on a rigid board you push yourself around the waters at your own speed. When none of you have done it before it can be a good laugh and use muscles you don’t normally test.


Less active but great for the whole family is archery. It’s all about hand-eye coordination, with children able to start firing arrows from a closer distance depending on their age and size, making it an adaptable activity.

There are many more active options families can get involved in over summer, but hopefully one of these will have given you plenty of inspiration.

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