Hilarious, Heartwarming and Right On: Rock of Ages at New Theatre Review

Hilarious, Heartwarming and Right On: Rock of Ages at New Theatre Review

Last night Warren and I attended the premier Rock of Ages performance at New Theatre, Cardiff. We were so excited about the production, having fallen in love with the movie, but would it be anything like the film or would it hold its own?


 Hilarious, Heartwarming and Right On: Rock of Ages at New Theatre Review


Rock Of Ages is written by Chris D’Arienzo  and it tells the story of The Bourbon Room, a rock bar full of hopes and dreams in the shape of Drew and Sherrie. With classic 80’s songs, humour and love at it’s core, this story is one for any dreamers out there…

The show began and Warren and I both had our reservations. This feeling of uncertainty lasted mere seconds before we were pulled into a world of fantastic stories, music and wonderful performances. It doesn’t follow all the same storylines as the movie version, but it doesn’t matter at all!

Firstly, I cannot commend Lucas Rush (Lonny) highly enough. His performance of Lonny is absolute perfection, and myself and the audience couldn’t get enough of him. He offered faultless performances full of humour and sometimes sentiment, but with professionalism and a wonderful voice indeed! He captivated us all and when the story came to an end  felt such sadness because Lonny is who we all long for in our lives, he is a ball of positive energy and hilarity bounding across the stage. I love how he delivered his lines and interacted with other characters, and I couldn’t get enough of him!



Lonny’s partner in crime Dennis is performed by Kevin Kennedy. I thought it was him during the first act (I never read programmes ahead if I can help it) and he did an amazing job throughout. His voice was confident and in keeping with the show, and his performance was funny and sad all at once. I completely adored his relationship with Lonny too!



Both Drew (Luke Walsh) and Sherrie (Danielle Hope) blew me away during the performance. I couldn’t get enough of Walsh, his voice was remarkable and I loved his commitment to the role. Hope literally offered a character of hope, trying to live out her dream. I think anyone can relate to this, right?! Their relationship is rocky and turbulent, but oh-so realistic in terms of the ups and downs of life.

I have to also mention the wonderful Zoe Birkett (Justice) who sang with such soulful ease it made my heart hurt. Her performances were effortless and beautiful all at once, and I cannot fault that!

The music, sound, lighting and set were all perfect too. There was a prop malfunction during one scene and I have to be honest and say that it actually made it all the more interesting for it! I think the cast showed an excess of love, joy and comradery, and for this I truly applaud them.

It’s not often I describe a show as must-see or faultless, but this is truly one of those times. Rock of Ages will give you belly laughs, it will make you question your own existence and it will make you feel 100% part of the show.

I implore you to buy tickets because I guarantee they’ll sell out fast!


Rocky Horror Spot… During most shows I spot a character that I think could play a certain role in Rocky Horror (my favourite musical), so I thought it would be good to start sharing these moments! This one goes to Lucas Rush (Lonny) who I think would make the most perfect Frank-n-Furter ever!


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