How Can Looking After Yourself Make You a Better Parent?

*This is a collaborative post.
When you have a child, your life is no longer just about you. You’re entire existence revolves around them- keeping them happy, healthy and setting them up to be productive members of society is your goal as a parent. However, it really is important to still look after yourself too. As the saying goes, ‘you can’t pour from an empty cup.’ If you’re happy, healthy and fulfilled yourself, chances are you’ll be able to be the very best parent you can possibly be. But how can you go about this?

Consider Improving Your Education
Just because you’ve finished school and had children doesn’t mean you need to stop learning. As humans we’re curious creatures, and often at our happiest when we know we’re taking steps to continue learning. Find your passion, and then take a course to learn more. It could be anything from online public safety courses to health and beauty- whatever grabs your attention. Since online colleges can be done from home, part time this is something you could work on during any free time you have and know that you’re taking steps to better your life. Later down the line when you’re looking to get back into full time paid work, you already have some qualifications in place. This can start you off with a better position and a better wage.

Focus on Health
Chances are you’re very concerned about your child’s health. Any sniffle and they’re at the doctor, and you feed them health and nutritious food that you know their bodies need. But do you give yourself the same courtesy? It’s difficult being a busy parent, you eat what you can when you can- and probably feel like you’re too busy to stop during times that you don’t feel great. But for you, and your children you should focus on health. Make nutritious family meals that you all enjoy together, instead of feeding children and adults separately. This is good for bonding, but it also means you can fill up on healthy meals with your children. Go on walks and bike rides together, chase your kids around the park and kick a football around. Make exercise part of spending quality time with them, keeping you and them active. Make sure you’re attending all of your health appointments, from screenings to dentists to opticians. Knowing you are healthy and well will give you peace of mind, and again help you to be the best parent you can be.

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Make Time to Socialise

As parents we feel like we rarely get time to socialise. We run after kids all day, clean the house, run errands and go to bed exhausted. It might seem like there’s just no way socialising fits in. However, scheduling time to spend with friends or your partner child- free every now and again is incredibly beneficial. This helps you to keep sight of ‘you’ outside of the wife and mommy role. Some grown up conversation and a good laugh with adults when you spend all of your days with children can be just what the doctor ordered.

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