Poem: Broken Promises.

Poem: Broken Promises.

We’ve had a really rough year and it seems to be ending on a super low thanks to those that be telling us one thing and doing another. I had to get this out of my system, it says it all really…

Broken Promises

What’s a promise unfulfied?
Crushed dreams,
so it seems…

A black hole

Shall we go in?

Without question.

You step into the void first,
a look left and right and you’re gone.
I follow on.

Because we’re in this together,
Together forever…

Drowning in a sea of expert lies,
I wish we could fly away.

Food is a luxury,
His smile just the same.
When it comes to visit I take a picture,
I feel a mixture of joy and fear,
knowing it will soon fade.

We didn’t expect this tyrade,
The horror and the devestation.
An operation in the government’s hands…

Well, it failed-
Our future is derailed.

Promises, promises-
they weren’t yours to keep.
Sat in your office chair ticking boxes,
I’d like to know how it is you sleep.

Badly, I think…
Just like me.
And you should see how he groans at night;
a life on the edge of extinction.

But you don’t care,
Because it’s not you there…

You have a house, an ordinary life,
Probably some savings and a well behaved wife.

We have your words.
Your lies.
Your superficial sighs…

We are bereft.
Floating in the sea,
There’s nothing left.

We have each other.
Unmoving love and strength,
and perhaps the insane sense that something good is going to happen.

But there’s only so much hope we can muster, right?
Only so much fight we can give…
Only so many days we can live in this bubble of uncertainty,
whislt you tick your boxes and decide our fate.

But it might just be a day too late.

So for now, I’ll hold him closer,
We’ll squeeze those littles one tight,
because no matter what you take from us,
we have each other through this fight.

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