Christmas Gift Ideas for Writers.

I love being a writer, from pens to notebooks I really can’t get enough of it all! I couldn’t wait to write up a list if gift ideas for all the writers out there, and I can’t wait to share them with you…

Stationery Box

I think it’s a bit odd if you don’t like stationery; it’s just one of those beautiful luxuries in life and I certainly can’t get enough of it. I am totally in love with this Kate Spade Stationery Box from Amara for £32.00, it’s an absolutely beautiful stationery set full of gorgeous bits and bobs. The items in the set include 3 pencils, 3 binder clips, 6 bow push pins, 6 bow paper clips, 1 roll of tape, 1 eraser, 1 pencil sharpener and 1 sticky notepad. I adore this set and it’s definitely the kind of gift that will make any writer smile on Christmas Day.

A Notepad

I love making notes, wherever I go I try to make sure I have a notepad to jot down ideas, lists or any random thoughts of the day. This personalised notepad from Stationery Geek is absolutely gorgeous and costs £5.99. It would be the perfect gift for anyone who loves keeping notes, writing poetry or simply having a doodle! There are also lots of other ‘writerly’ goodies available including journals, gift tags and lots of festive goodies in time for Christmas!

Fabulous Colouring Pens

Having a doodle is such a good way to relieve tension and unwind, but when that doodling involves magnets it gets a whole lot more interesting and even more therapeutic! Magnetips are designed to be used as a fun accessory as well as a set of pens. They come in a set of various colours or black and they have fine tips as well as the ability to create interesting shapes, patterns and accessories. They have an awesome ‘Get Inspired‘ section on their website with fab ideas and ways to use these unique pens.

A Funky Lamp 

Oh how I love pineapples. Oh how I love lamps. Every writer should have one, so for me it has to be this fantastic Pineapple Desk Lamp from Find Me A Gift. It’s a snip at £9.99 so perfect for a stocking filler or the perfect gift for a friend. I absolutely adore it and I think it’s going to inspire many stories poems and some little doodles as it sits on my desk shining beautifully bright. 

A Writer’s Handbook

There’s nothing better for a writer than focus, advice and exercise! Bridget Whelan has created the perfect book to keep the writer in your life entertained. From general writing tips to various exercises, it’s the perfect book for any stage a writer may find themselves stuck in. Even with a degree and MA in Creative Writing, this book still made me think and question my process, in particular with my novel. From reading it so far I have discovered several ways to improve it. I also love the way it’s written; it’s very user friendly and even though it does work in order of each chapter you can also dip in and out of various parts and it doesn’t make a difference. Currently you can get this for £6.82 on Amazon.

A Lamy Pen

Oh how I love a gorgeous ink pen, and my favourite by far is the Lamy. It’s just gorgeous, you can get them in all kinds of colours and you can also get them engraved, perfect for that extra touch, especially at Christmas.  For me this would be a perfect gift for this Christmas, and I particularly adore this gorgeous red Lamy, perfect for the festive season.

A Subscription Box

To finish my list off I have a pretty and perfect gift to give to a writer. George and Molly have their subscriptions and craft boxes, so when I received a fantastic bundle of goodies from Honeytree Post I couldn’t wait to see what was inside. The box was their 2016 Christmas collection of cards and tags and it is simply gorgeous. I particularly love the card with the Christmas light strewn car and the simplicity of the cute little Christmas trees on the other card (pictured). The subscriptions vary from £10.50-£15 per month, depending on how far you pay in advance. I think the quality and design of their items is pretty perfect indeed.

So that’s my list of gifts any writer would love to receive. I hope I’ve helped inspire you in time for Christmas…

Merry Christmas!


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