For my Dad…

This was a post from my old blog I thought I’d share today, it resonates with me still. Love you, Daddio x

So, I have been feeling the pain more this past week. Not sure why… maybe the real world has hit me hard after being so busy with the funeral and trying to focus on the future. I guess death catches up with everyone.

There was one thing I realised today… it would help to write. So I have been applying to different places to do a bit of free writing (reviews/blogs etc) but it has been about a week since I have written anything for me… the children’s stories are coming along but a little slowly as it sometimes gets stunted by overthinking… stupid I know.

Anyhoo, I wrote a poem just about how I am feeling and it’s probably a lil rusty but I feel a bit better seeing it in black and white. So here it is…

I Tried

I set a place for you at dinner time,
Over and over I wonder when you’ll phone…
We’re the ‘live ones’ not yet resigned
To the fact you’re never coming home.
The children play with their shabby toys,
I sit and wonder whether you are near.
I want to call you above their noise,
Then they ask the question I so feared.
“Where’s Grampy?”
Tell me, Dad… should I have lied?
Hidden the truth from their eyes?
Maybe it heals to say “He has died.”
Maybe not…
but I tried.



    • Kelly Allen
      18th June 2018 / 5:54 pm

      When you miss someone it’s hard to see a way through x

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