Bluestone: Nature at its Finest


You might have already seen our Bluestone review, but I wanted to follow it up with a post all about the natural elements on offer. We adore nature and being out in the fresh air, and Bluestone offers so much beauty and nature I can’t… even…

Bluestone: Nature at its Finest

Yep, it’s not often I’m speechless, but whenever I go to Bluestone, the natural environment blows me away. From ducks to baby frogs and all that’s in-between, we fell head first in love with nature during this holiday…


We saw quite a few different birds, but the duck were definitely a huge highlight. George and Molly made sure we went to buy birdseed (NOT BREAD!) to feed them, and slowly but surely they developed a level of trust with the ducks as you can see from the photos…



We met a member of staff whilst at the lake and he told how the ducks had arrived one day of their own accord and settled there. It’s such a lovely story and I found it quite romantic, like something out of a book!


The Lake

Apart from a couple of horsefly bites (ouchy!), the lake is a total dream spot. We headed there every day to have a look and see if we could spot any beautiful creatures. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have a view across the lake, simply blissful!



Even before we’d unpacked, George and Molly had found a little frog hopping on by the lodge. They were so excited, and so was I! They’re one of my favourite animals, and the little dude was incredibly cute!



We love bug hunting and we love checking out Bluestone’s Bug Hotel. It’s pretty impressive and you can find a whole host of insects dwelling inside, underneath and well… everywhere!


We also saw quite a few damselflies bobbing around and they were simply beautiful….

Bluestone in general…

As you wander around the village and other areas, all you can see is greenery and colourful flowers. It’s a beautiful thing and I tried to capture as many beautiful parts as possible…



Forest walks

On our first day we went on a long walk through their forest and discovered so many beautiful sights…

There’s so much beauty, and I know for a fact there’s more for us to discover each time we go.

Have you been to Bluestone? What beauties did you spy?


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