Why Should You Go Back to School in Adulthood?

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Education can set us up for success in so many ways. Leaving school with good grades, attending college and then university means you can get into an entry level job and work your way up. It opens doors that would be otherwise closed without a degree. However for many of us, this set route isn’t the path we end up following. We might have struggled at school or been bullied and was keen to leave. We might not have enjoyed our lessons and messed around and looked forward to getting out of education. We might have had children young, had to look after a family member or been forced into working in a family business. Either way, there’s lots of reasons why you might not have got the qualifications you want and need. However it’s not to say you can’t ever get them, and more people than ever are taking the plunge into adult learning and education.

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Thanks to online learning, whether you want to study at the London School of Business and Finance or do an MSC at York, you can actually do so right from the comfort of your home. It gives you a flexible method of learning and it can be done around work or other commitments. But why exactly should you hit the books in adulthood and get yourself educated.

You Could Change Career

Education can allow you to apply for jobs that are only open to graduates. Often, having a degree in any subject can give you the opportunity to apply for jobs that aren’t linked with what you studied. So even if you change your mind later down the line it’s ok, it’s not like you have to start again and study something else. Taking teaching for example, you can study to become a teacher in one year providing you have a degree in any subject.

You Could Meet New People

When we get older it can become increasingly difficult to meet new people. We spend all of our time with family, occasionally with friends and only tend to have the same people around us. When you study, even if it’s online you have the chance to meet new people. Like-minded mature students like yourself can be a great support, and could even go on to become lifelong friends.

It Keeps Your Mind Sharp

There‚Äôs still something new to be learned in life, no matter how old we get.Just because you’re no longer forced to study and go to school doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go out and expand your mind. Continuing your education helps to keep you curious, and keep your mind sharp. You can gain further knowledge and fuel the fire of passion for the subject you study in. If you choose something that genuinely interests you, you’ll improve your knowledge, prospects and have fun in the process.

Are you considering returning to education in adulthood? What are your main reasons, and what do you want to study?


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