When Your Heart Bleeds.

When Your Heart Bleeds.

There are times in my life when it feels as though my heart is literally bleeding.The past week has been a good exampel of this, with a lot of tears and sadness. It was my Father’s birthday on Thursday, we have a LOT going on in our personal lives and I’ve also experienced some strange and harsh comments from complete strangers. All of these things have caused me to feel as though my heart is bleeding…

I know I’m not alone with such feelings; I think if you’re a naturally sensitive person then there’s a chance this kind of thing can happen but it’s how we deal with feeling so hurt that matters, right? So, I thought I’d pop together a few tips from one sensitive soul to another, for the times when life or people or lack of those amazing people hits you hard…


I don’t care what anybody says, crying is good for you! It’s a vent at the end of the day, and even though you end up feeling puffy and wet-faced, you also end up feeling a whole lot better. It’s like a purge of all the horrid bits, and all that’s left is lovely you.


Grab the phone or sit down with your loved ones and talk. Life is too short for things to bubble up, and it’s totally true that ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’. I always talk to my Mom or Warren when things get me down, it really helps me.

Write it down

Write how you’re feeling down (like I am now!), anything at all. From your thoughts and feelings to doodles and poetry, let it all out. It will make you feel so much better.

Step away 

Whatever or whoever it is that’s causing you pain, step away from it. Step away from the hurt, the painful words, step away from the stresses of everyday life, take a step back from it all. Obviously, when it comes to missing a loved one, stepping back is more difficult and you may just have to ride through it.

Let it wash over you

Sometimes you have to let the hurt wash over you. Give yourself time and space to heal. And above all…

          Be kind to yourself.

Nobody deserves to feel sad or like their heart is bleeding. So be kind to yourself and remember, life won’t always be this hard.

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