The Most Unusual Place We’d Love to Visit

The Most Unusual Place We’d Love to Visit

*This is a collaborative post. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.


Ah we love a good trip away from the normal grind of life, but it’s only in recent years I’ve realised how much more fun it would be to visit some more unusual places around the world.


The Most Unusual Place We’d Love to Visit

The world is a very interesting place, and I know for a fact that my little rebel family would love to explore more worldly paces and learn all about various cultures and far off lands. Schofields have produced a fabulous list of unique places you can rent for your next holiday and I thought I’d talk about the one we’d most likely pick!

When you dig a little deeper there are so many strangely wonderful places around the world, but if we had to choose one from their fantastic list, it would have to be…

The Tree Hotel!


*This is not the tree hotel from Schofield’s list.


The Tree Hotel looks like an amazing way to spend a holiday, and to top it off it’s in Sweden! Sweden has become one of the most coveted places to live amongst my friends and I, from their cultural beliefs to their education system, I wouldn’t say no to trying life in Sweden!

Since it’s probably never going to happen, I think this would definitely be our top choice for a family holiday. I love the idea of living in the woods, so this really does have it all!

Each accomodation is suspended between 4-6 metres above ground, and you gain access via ramp, bridge or electric stairs.┬áTheir various accommodations sleep up to 5 people and there are several options for places to stay, such as the UFO (sleeps 5) or The Bird’s Nest (sleeps 2 adults and children). They are gorgeous creations, with beautiful design, architecture and breathtaking views.

I can truly see us four relaxing in style at this fantastic holiday destination, and I think it would be tough choosing which building to actually stay in!

Of course, if this kind of place isn’t your thing, they have many other unusual places to visit on their awesome list, and there is literally something for everyone!

Which place would you visit and why?


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