Review: Vacancy at Breakout Cardiff, With Special Guests Ravenbreed!

Review: Vacancy at Breakout Cardiff, With Special Guests Ravenbreed!
*Thanks to Breakout for having us!

A few weeks ago I was invited to check out Breakout Cardiff to check out their latest breakout room, Vacancy. I didn’t have a team prepared, but at the very last minute my lovely husband’s band Ravenbreed (check them out here) stepped in to help. They’re a bunch of very sweet guys, and I was really excited to see if we’d escape…

We were welcomed warmly by the staff at Breakout, they’re so nice and the atmosphere is really relaxed. There are lots of fun and quirky activities in the waiting area to get you in the mood for the room! Before you go in you need to run through some health and safety info and you’re given the backstory to the room…

Vacancy is based on a murderous hotel owner, and the challenge is to work out the clues and escape! You get 60 minutes in the room, and there is a screen with a countdown on it so you can keep track of your progress. If you get really stuck then the team at Breakout give you little clues on the screen, these can be really helpful when you hit a brick wall.

We entered the room and it was time to breakout! Firstly we searched high and low for clues, don’t forget there are certain things you shouldn’t mess with (electrical stuff etc) and furniture shouldn’t be lifted. Everything you need is there, you just need to look. The first half of the game was a little challenging, and we found one clue and link to be a little tenuous. However, the game improved drastically during the second half.

There are some very clever clues and a lot of ”outside the box’ thinking needed, but if you go in with an ope mind and get into Sherlock Holmes’s head-space, you’ll be fine! I really enjoyed some of the quirky clues, and the size of the team (5) worked really well in this space, although I do think the magic number is 4.

I wouldn’t say Vacancy is my favourite of their rooms, I am too in love with Cursed Carnival, but it is very good and it does get you thinking! It also shows you how you work as part of a team, which I think is really interesting. Warren and I usually bicker, but this time we didn’t, so we’re obviously making improvements on our teamwork capabilities!

Did we get out?!

Yes! With minutes to spare we made it out of the room!

If you like a bit of mystery, as well as serial killers (no judgement from me!), then head on down to Breakout Cardiff to try Vacancy!


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