Review: Testing Out the JD Bug Scooter from

*We received these lovely scooters in exchange for this post. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.


Last week George spent some time testing out the JD Bug Scooter from He loves getting out and about and exploring, so I was keen to find out his thoughts on this very special silver scooter!


Review: Testing Out the JD Bug Scooter from

I’d love to include Molly in this post, but she has been really unwell over her birthday. When she’s better I promise to share some photos with you! Anyway, onto George and his review of the JD Bug Scooter from

The scooter is currently on offer for £48.95 (RRP £54.99) and has the following features:

  • Lightweight
  • Comes with a carry strap for easy transportation
  • Adjustable handle



As soon as it arrived George couldn’t wait to get out and about with it. He tested it out on our regular dog walk and he had a right blast! He seemed to take to it easily and without any issues, he just had a lot of fun!

Check out the little video we made to see him in action…



He had such a lovely time, riding along in the autumn weather, through the leaves and across the wonky pavements. It was such a sweet thing to see, and I knew as soon as we’d got home that he couldn’t wait to go again. It was hard not to feel sad because Molly couldn’t join him, but I’m happy to tell you that…

The day before yesterday Molly was well enough to try out her scooter and she had an amazing time! Molly’s scooter is purple and very cool indeed! It’s on the same price offer asn George’s silver scooter and worth every penny!

Ever since her little ‘scoot’ she keeps asking to take Ziggy out so she can use her scooter and I love how happy she is about it!



They adore their new scooters and I can safely say they will be used every day if possible! The quality is very high and they’re really easy to use. George can fold and unfold his scooter easily and the strap to carry it around with work really well.

I’d recommend these scooters 100% and I think they’d make a perfect Christmas gift!


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