Review: Art at Wales Millennium Centre.

Review: Art at Wales Millennium Centre.
*Thanks to WMC for review tickets.

Last night Warren and I attended Wales Millennium Centre to catch Art. The story follows Serge and his two best friends, Marc and Yvan as they all struggle to navigate their lives around the purchase of a white painting.

I have never heard of this particular production before, so I was incredibly intrigued to see it for the very firs time. The cast is minimal, three characters performed by well-known faces Nigel Havers, Denis Lawson and Stephen Tomkinson. The stage is also minimal, because the play focuses solely on the dialogue and interaction of the three friends.

The story is an interesting one, and I think it’s a fascinating concept; what constitutes a piece of art? Yet, alongside this obvious discussion, there’s also the fracture between friendships and whether we’re really our true selves.

I really enjoyed a lot of the dialogue during the production, and I totally appreciate why the performers didn’t have microphones. It was a little difficult to hear at times, especially with the raucous laughter from the audience.

For me, the play didn’t offer humour, instead I actually felt quite saddened by the story line. Three friends torn apart by a difference of opinion, one friend pulled apart by the difference, the painting a symbol of any number of possible differences and opinions. We get to have a glimpse inside the minds of the friends and how their relationships slot together, which also gives us the chance to reflect on our own behaviours and interactions with others.

I thought the cast was pretty solid, but I think the chosen actors bring a little bit of a old-school vibe to the performance, yet it could verge on feeling a little dated…

Stephen Tompkinson stood out for me, with a really awesome performance full of well rehearsed lines and bags of energy!

I think if the subject matter interests you then this production is well worth a look, but don’t be surprised if you end up questioning your very own place within your friendship circle…

Finally, I’d obviously like to add my opinion about the white painting; I absolutely loved it, as did Warren!

Are you planning to see Art?

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