Let’s Talk: Fashion in Your 30’s.

Let’s Talk: Fashion in Your 30’s.
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If you’re like me, fashion at any age is both exciting and daunting all at once. Now I’m in my mid-30’s, had two children and a happy marriage, I’m obviously fuller figured and a bit… ‘lumpy’, but it doesn’t mean I don’t want to look good. When it comes to clothing, shoes and accessories, I get a little tummy flip at the thought of a little shopping spree, mostly because it doesn’t happen anymore, but there’s also a little glint of what life used to be (when I was a size 10!).

I don’t think you’re ever too old to embrace fashion and your own personal style, but what counts is that you embrace you and your style, not someone else’s. 

When it comes to mature women and fashion, I’m completely in adoration of ladies such as Iris Apfel and Lyn Slater

These woman are legends and I aspire to be just like them (except like me!) when I’m older. I want to embrace all the things I love and be brave enough to present myself in my own unique way.

When you hit your 30’s a lot changes; for me it involved my metabolism saying, ‘Bye, bye!’ and my body expanding without a care for the size of the clothes I already owned…

Regardless of my changing body, I still want to look and feel good. For me, this includes wearing certain pieces of clothing…

Fashion in my 30’s…


I am a shoe hoarder and I’m not ashamed of it! I love having all kinds of shoes, from sandals to boots, but there’s one kinda shoe that rules my heart… I absolutely adore Converse and I hope one day I have a huge collection of them, from high-tops to leopard print I literally have an excuse to own them all! 

A decent dress.

Having at least one decent dress to turn to is a must-have for any age. However, I do find that as I get older getting the right cut and length is essential. I can’t wear certain shapes or styles, so shopping around is key. Whenever I shop for dresses, whether for a special occasion or just because, it literally takes me a whole day. I think this investment in time is crucial to finding the perfect fit, plus you get to just have a fun day out dressing up! Something I’ll never be too old to do.


I’m addicted to different scarves.  I love wearing them with all kinds of outfits and for all kinds of occasions. My favourites are heavier scarves, with leopard print designs or bold colours. I like them to be long too, and my favourite has to be a green and black leopard print one my friend bought me one year for my birthday; it’s gorgeous!

Baggy jumpers!

I know I shouldn’t admit to this, but it’s true. I love baggy jumpers and cardigans; it might sound silly but they make me feel loved. I don’t think I’ll ever grow out of this little comfort, no matter how ‘frumpy’ it may seem!

Bags of bags!

I love bags. I love how you can accessorise an outfit with a different bag and then suddenly the outfit has changed. Just by changing a bag! I always tend to buy larger bags to carry all my bits and bobs for the kids, but I also have a penchant for clutch bags in all kinds of colours and textures (think sequins!). 

I think I’ve realised from writing this that there’s a lot to be improved when it comes to my personal style, haha! But at the same time, I am me and I love who I am. I know that, when the time comes and the kids leave home (*sob*), I might find the time to improve my wardrobe and actually use some of my gorgeous bags (yes, they’re mostly to look at these days!)…

But for now, I’m happy to be me (a mother,  a mommy, a mom), the person who uses her scarf to clean mucky hands or throws on an old jumper perfect for cuddling, and I can wait forever for that to change. 

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