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Decoupage Unicorn Craft in 5 Easy Steps

*I received a bundle of product from Hobbycraft in exchange for this craft. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.

I love unicorns and I love decoupage, so creating a decoupage unicorn craft was a dreams come true! I teamed up with Hobbycraft to get this project started, and it was so much fun (and very easy) to create.

Decoupage Unicorn Craft in 5 Easy Steps

You might feel daunted by the prospect of decoupage, but it’s actually a really simple way of creating visually stunning artwork. I also find it incredibly therapeutic, due to the repetitive processes involved. So, without anymore waffling from me, here are the 5 easy steps to create a decoupage unicorn craft!


Step 1 : Go shopping!

I like this step the best. Who doesn’t love a good craft shopping spree?! You will need:


Decoupage paper for decoupage unicorn (blue, pink, gold)
I love the vibrant colours of this gorgeous decoupage paper!


Decoupage Unicorn before any work has commenced
What a beautiful decoupage unicorn!

Step 2 : Tear up the paper!

The first step to this kind of decoupage is tearing up the paper. This will create a gorgeous effect upon our lovely decoupage unicorn and it’s also kinda satisfying tearing it all up!


Decoupage paper in blue and yellow


Step 3 : Get messy!

Crack open the Modge Podge and get cracking! Whack some Modge Podge in the right area of your unicorn’s body and pop a piece of decoupage paper on top. Then you glue over the top to give it a beautiful finish. Keep doing this whilst also layering the pieces on top of each other.

Don’t forget to use different paper in different areas of your unicorn, this will make it look so much more interesting!


Decoupage unicorn painting with modge podge

Painting decoupage onto unicorn


Step 4 : Let your decoupage unicorn dry!

Let your glorious creation dry. I’m always watching mine, desperate to see how it’s turned out! Be patient though, it’ll be well worth it!


Step 5 : Embellish

Add any embellishments you like, from beads and gems to glitter! I went with a really simply effect with flower eyes. I love how my decoupage unicorn craft turned out, what do you think?


Pink, blue and silvery decoupage unicorn

Decoupage Unicorn Bottom


This craft really couldn’t be easier, and it’s so much fun. I also think it taps into anyone with anxiety, because your focus shifts from your thoughts to this repetitive action. Have you ever had a go at decoupage? Will you be trying this decoupage unicorn craft out?

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