Mother’s Day Creations With Hobbycraft!

Mother’s Day Creations With Hobbycraft!
Image of basket with gifts and title on right.
*Thank you to Hobbycraft for these goodies! All opinions are my own.

As ever the year is flying by and it’s almost 11th March, a day to celebrate all things motherly. I strongly believe this doesn’t mean only celebrating your biological kind of mother, it could be about the special person in your life who behaves like a mother to you. 

Whoever you want to say ‘I love you!’ to this Mother’s Day, we’re firm believers in making gifts to show them just how much you care. We decided to go with a little basket bundle this year, which means you can bulk it out with extra items (like chocolate!) if you so wish. You can get some fab ideas for Mother’s Day gifts here, and if you’re looking for vegan gift inspiration, check out this post.

We were very excited to receive a bundle of crafting goodies from Hobbycraft, and to follow their ethos (and hashtag!) of #Makeitdontbuyit. Making gifts is not only fun but it also means oh-so-much more! 

In our bundle we received:

You’ll also need:

  • Felt pens/Sharpies.
  • Mod Podge or glue. 
  • Paintbrushes.

We discussed how nice it is to make things for others and then we talked about the Nannies and the things they might like to receive for Mother’s Day. 

We all ended up with a craft each, and Warren fixed up my ‘Mum’ mache so that it spells ‘Mom’ now; perfect for Nanny Kim because us Brummies say ‘Mom’ not ‘Mum’!

A box with mache MUM inside.

Decoupage paper in different designs.

To get decoupage ready, you should tear up the paper into small pieces and have you glue and brush all good to go. Simply brush some Mod Podge onto the letter of choice and lay down a strip of torn paper, then brush over the paper. Then pop another piece into the letter, overlapping the other pieces and brush Mod Podge as you go. Keep overlapping and sticking it it down with the brush; the great thing about this craft is how much fun it is, how it’s kinda messy and it doesn’t have to be perfect. It always turns out great!

A mache M with some decoupage paper half stuck on.

Here’s the finished mache! I love how it’s turned out and I can’t wait to give it to Nanny Kim…

Mom lined up on a table complete with decoupage.

Whilst I was working on this, George was busy with the jewellery kit and Molly was exploring her paint techniques…

George painting a jewellery box.

White jewellery box lid with painted red roses.

Jewellery box lid with painted flowers and patterns, paintbrush and paint tray.

Jewellery lid with painted detail and mini paint pots next to it.

White jewellery box with red painted roses and other painted detail.

Plant pot painted in a mixture of colours.

Inside flower pot, painted yellow.

They worked so hard and the detail is so beautiful. I love it when we all get crafty together, especially when we’re making gifts for others. It really makes us focus on giving and being selfless, as well as being creative. 

To finish off George made a lovely card…

Brown cards and sheep embellishments.

George holding the finished card with 'I Love Ewe' on it.

The kits from Hobbycraft are great, they’re so inexpensive and really wonderful to use. We all had so much fun creating all these lovely bits for the Nannies. 

Here’s a little bundle we popped together for Mother’s Day…

Basket filled with all home made makes.

I can’t wait to see Nanny Kim’s face when she receives this! I think she’s going to love it…

As I’ve said before, any person could be in receipt of a gift this Mother’s Day, not necessarily your biological mother. I know if my Nan was still here she’d be getting loads of stuff from me for sure! You might have a fab friend with kids who has had a hard time of late, or you might like to say thanks to another relative who has been there for you. Whoever you choose, they’ll appreciate the heart and soul that goes into handmade gifts.

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