Itchy and Irritating: Chicken Pox Advice and Survival Kit

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Chickenpox, the word parents usually dread to hear as it’s passed from playdate to playdate, in the school yard or park. We’ve been asked by ViraSoothe to share our chickenpox story with you on the blog, as well as offer advice and tips on creating your own chickenpox survival kit…

Itchy and Irritating: Chicken Pox Advice and Survival Kit

Our Chickenpox Story

As an adult who had chickenpox when I was 21 years old, I still remember how ill I felt in the lead up to the rash outbreak, and then how irritating and sore my body felt as I lay on my parent’s sofa covered in spots.

When we first spotted the spots behind George’s ears, we suddenly realised why he’d been so under the weather and irritable during the days that had already passed. He was three year’s old and he was pretty uncomfortable during those days of itchiness!

The following week we noticed Molly’s outbreak, but hers wasn’t as sever as George’s. She had a random amount of spots that, once dressed, you couldn’t notice them. Her face remained untouched by them and she was her usual happy self!

It’s so odd seeing how different people are affected by it, some having a much worse rash than others. George was very unhappy during those weeks, it wasn’t very nice to see…

I think creating comfort for both children and parents is incredibly important, because it can last around two weeks once the spots appear.

Chickenpox Facts & Advice (*from the NHS website)

  • chickenpox is most common in children under 10 years old*
  • The most popular time for it to spread is during winter and spring*
  • You should keep children at home until all spots are crusted over*
  • Discourage your child from scratching the spots as this can lead to scarring
  • Use a specially formulated lotion such as ViraSoothe’s Chicken Pox Relief Cooling Spray Gel to help relieve any itching
  • Unfortunately, chickenpox is most infection in the one or two days leading up to the rash*
  • Avoid newborn babies, pregnant women and anyone with a weakened immune system*
  • There is no specific treatment but soothing the itching can help your child get through it with ease and comfort*
  •  Immediately see a doctor if your child experiences any breathing difficulties or the spots become infected*

Find out more information about  signs and symptoms of chickenpox.



Survival Kit Ideas

If you suspect chickenpox is around the corner, or you’ve just spotted those first few spots, then creating a ‘Chickenpox Survival Kit’ is a really good idea to get your child (and you!) through the next few weeks. Looking back I wish I’d had a survival kit to help me with George and Molly; it would have been a relief (literally!)…

ViraSoothe have sent us a lovely kit full of suggestions for coping with chickenpox. It includes:

  • A water bottle to keep little ones hydrated
  • ‘Mike Has Chickenpox’ book by Jenny Leigh
  • ‘Colour With Me Mum!’ book by Jasmine Narayan and Hannah Davies
  • Bamboo face cloths
  • A little toy to keep little ones busy
  • A scented soy candle for a relaxing environment
  • ViraSoothe Chicken Pox Relief Cooling Spray Gel

This kit will help relax and entertain the whole family, and you could easily settle down to watch a family movie, do some colouring in and basically snuggle whilst ViraSoothe keeps the itching at bay!



ViraSoothe’s Chicken Pox Relief Cooling Spray Gel

ViraSoothe’s spray is available at most shops, such as Boots, Asda and Amazon and it’s suitable from 6 months upwards. It can be applied all over the body and face, and because it’s a spray I imagine it’s a lot easier to apply than a lotion!

Chickenpox is incredibly itchy, but itching them is such a bad idea because it can lead to infection and scarring. This spray gel helps cool and soothe this itchiness, offering peace and tranquility for your child, reducing the risk of infection and scarring.

It claims to:

  • cool and help relieve itching
  • support natural healing
  • reduce scarring

I think it sounds pretty darn great, don’t you?


Has your child experienced chickenpox yet? What would be on your survival kit list?



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