8 Things to Do When Anxiety Arises


I’ve had anxiety most of my life, so I thought it was about time I wrote about my coping strategies and advice during anxious episodes. There are many things you can do when anxiety arises, and I might not list the best things for everyone. This is my personal list, an I hope it can help anyone else who experiences anxiety in the way that I do…

8 Things To Do When Anxiety Arises

1. Ground yourself

Whether this is getting down low or leaving a building or situation, do it. As you might already know, i was recently trapped in a loo and it took a lot to get me out of that darn cubicle. BUT, once I was outside my panic attack subsided somewhat and I was able to focus on the next step…

2. Find a safe space

For me this is always home. If I’m away from home it’s the hotel or holiday home or a friend’s house. Anywhere I feel safe. It allows me to calm down and cry it out, without the constant worry of strangers staring.

3. Rest

Getting plenty of rest after a panic attack and during an anxious phase is essential. It’s been a week since I had my panic attack and I’m still pooped.

4. Be around people you love

Being around those that love you, those that bring you joy and do not drain you is so important. I tend to find that my mother, Warren, George and Molly give me the most comfort possible. It feels nurturing to be around them, perfect for how I’m feeling inside.

5. Take it slowly

Rushing back into routine is probably a mistake. I often find that I presume I’m okay and get back into life and then BOOM I’m knocked down again. The past few years have see a change in me. I claw back my responsibilities and rest. I go on long walks with the dog and kids to fight my mild agoraphobia. I do routine things to help me feel more in control; organising, cleaning, sorting, writing all help.

6. Be kind to yourself

I feel so weak during these times, and it’s so easy to blame yourself for it all. But it’s not your fault. It’s how we’re made and I’m learning to see just how beautiful that is. In the meantime I’m indulging in hot cups of tea, cosy cuddles and the odd bit of vegan chocolate!

7. Cut the booze

I’d had two pints the night of my panic attack and I haven’t had a drop since. It just doesn’t allow the healing to happen. If I were to drink now I’d end up going backwards and I don’t intend to do that! So cut the booze for a bit to allow your mind time to heal.

8. Breathing/Yoga/Meditation

I should do more of this. When I was in the loo I tried to breathe and it didn’t help, I couldn’t gain a hold on it. But it’s something I’m definitely keen to introduce to my daily routine to keep the anxiety in check…

These are my top tips and I hope they help someone out there recover after a panic attack or anxious time. It’s horrible and painful ot experience, but we need to remember it’s out of our hands. We have to ride the wave and come out the other end wiser.


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