Book Review & Activity: Raymond by Yann & Gwendal Le Bec


We were recently sent a lovely book called Raymond by Yann and Gwendal Le Bec. We decided to read the book nad do a little activity to go with it, because we’re like that…

Book Review & Activity: Raymond by Yann & Gwendal Le Bec

Raymond is a dog. Raymond wants to be more human. Being more human comes with a price, and it’s a fantastic lesson for us all to learn!

The story follow Raymond and his wonderful dog life. He has a lovely family and a very relaxed and happy life, but one day he wonders what it would be like to be more human. He starts off by sitting at the table and then finds himself working at Dogue Magazine. When the work begins to pile up and he sees less and less of his family, a holiday with his humans makes him realise how much he misses his lovely dog life.

I love this book for a few different reasons. Firstly, it’s fun and we gained a lot of enjoyment from reading it. Secondly, Raymond looks a lot like Ziggy so we loved him all the more for it. Plus, Ziggy does believe he’s a bit human, he always tries to sit in chairs at the vets haha! Finally, this book seems to be trying to tell us humans something…

We’re all running around like crazy, living to work and not spending enough time with loved ones. We’re all consumed by the need for bigger, better and more. But this is to our own personal detriment. Raymond is teaching us that life is much better when you have balance, or when you live a bit more like a dog!

We really enjoyed this book and it’s sure to be a firm favourite at bedtime for a long time to come!

After we finished reading it, George and Molly drew pictures of themselves as dogs…

Aren’t they adorable? George went on to create a little cartoon dog, following instructions from a tutorial online…

It was a lot of fun, and I love seeing their creative sides shine!

If you get chance to read Raymond, let me know what you think!


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