When Kids Have Their Own Style and Why We Need to Embrace it!

When Kids Have Their Own Style and Why We Need to Embrace it!
Title on one side and a photo of George and Molly dressed up on the right.
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The sun is out and it’s the perfect excuse to go on a little spending spree with the kids! I love George and Molly’s passion for their own style and they love choosing their own clothes and shoes, so I can’t wait to see what they choose to wear this Spring! Spring and Summer children’s fashion can be a lot of fun, from sandals to swimwear, the excitement they find in deciding and choosing their own clothes is really awesome!

When it comes to style, my children are very unique in their choices. George is really into cool jackets and funky clothes and Molly loves prints and comfortable clothing, with the occasional dress thrown in. There’s a lot of choice when it comes to River Island and kids style, and I love encouraging their individuality. I think it’s so important to do this, because one day they’re going to go out in that big, wide world and I want them to rock it, inside and out!

You’ll know I’m not too keen on the ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ labelling, but until things change in the shops we can’t really avoid it. So, apologies if this feels a bit gender focused, it’s not my intention!

Molly’s Style

Molly is seven and she is growing up way too fast. She adores being comfortable and spends a lot of time in snuggly joggers, she isn’t keen on clothes that don’t feel comfortable, so she doesn’t wear jeans or anything too restrictive. When it comes to going to the theatre or a party, she’d definitely be wearing a dress, and when it comes to girls dresses she really loves bright and bold prints, as well as glitzy dresses!

Molly dressed in a gold dress and George dressed in a full on matching grey outfit.

 Molly also has a thing for hats, so you’ll always see her in a warm snuggly hat, just like this…

Molly wearing a woolen hat and smiling.

George’s Style

George is the opposite to Molly. He’s not so big on comfort, instead he likes smart clothing and shoes, and his leather jacket has been worn to death over the past year or so. He’s slightly rock and roll but with a smart edge, and his long hair compliments both styles. I think he’s be keen to purchase more smart shoes, tailored jeans and interesting t-shirts – he’s big on slogans and anything to do with his favourite things, such as Jaws, zombies and quotes. 

 Here’s a photo of him showing off his favourite shoes…

3 photos, one of George's smart shoes and two of George posing on a set of stairs.

He adores his fancy shoes…

George's feet wearing smart shoes.

When we all go out to any kind of event, they both make an effort to up their style game, as you can see here…

Molly dressed in a dress and a cardigan with gold hairband. George smiling wearing a grey suit.
I’m definitely 100% proud that they’re finding themselves and expressing themselves through fashion and style. I think this is a huge confidence boost for both of them, and as they grow up they won’t ever feel inhibited because of how they choose to dress. They are making decisions about how they look, and in turn this makes them feel good!
I love their individual styles and I’m proud of their confidence, my only wish is that they continue to flourish and explore, expressing themselves as they truly feel comfortable.
Do you let your children decide what to wear? Do they have a strong sense of style? 
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Moly with a gold dress and smiley face and George beside her ib his grey suit.

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