My Dream Garden & Garden Hacks and Tips

*This is a collaborative post.


Today I’m all about My Dream Garden & Garden Hacks and Tips! I love gardening and having a huge garden, but right now I’m stuck with a tiny yard. So I thought if I write about my dream garden, it might manifest itself?!

My Dream Garden & Garden Hacks and Tips

My dream garden would be huge! There would be a massive patch of grass for us all to use, from cartwheels to picnics we’d have so much fun! There would be a cute outhouse for us to use, with seating and board games so we could sneak inside when i$t rains or gets too hot!

There’d also be a large eating area and BBQ for us to spend all day outside chilling and eating veggie skewers! I love the idea of spending all day outside in the sunshine without a care for the ‘real world’. Can you imagine having a slice of natural beauty in your back garden? That’s what I want!


Garden Hacks & Tips

My best tips and hacks are probably the most simple, but effective. Let me know what you think…


#1 Garden Maintenance

It’s so important to focus on garden maintenance, and the best tip I’ve received is to focus on your garden for 1 hour every single da. If you do this, then your garden should stay in tip-top condition. If you’re short on time then you can get garden quotes for a gardener, or even a garden clearance.


#2 Encourage wildlife

The wildlife in your garden are so important to  keeping it ticking. Be happy to have worms, birds, foxes, it’s all nature and worms can help your soil immensely! Lay out bird seed and water for the birds and sit back and watch them flock to you!


#3 Grow

Grow veggies, flowers, whatever you fancy! They may not turn out perfectly, but at least you’re doing your best to cut back on plastic and consumerism. Just imagine the joy when you bite into your first pepper, grown by your very own hands!


These are my tips, what are yours?

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