How to Make Your Hotel Room Different From the Routine? 

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People travel because they love to challenge themselves with new locations, cultures, experiences, and outlooks. Travelling makes us learn something new and totally different. A voyage enhances our spirituality and our life. A travel becomes more interesting when we have a wonderful resting place to relax. Therefore, a hotel, a guest house or a rest room plays a very important role in a traveler’s life. It is a challenge to host a resting place and to make it more interesting than its other competitors. There are a number of ways that make it beautiful and uniquely elegant are as follows: 

Flexibility of the room:  The comfortable atmosphere inside the hotel room creates a space for relaxation of the customers. Travelers generally demand the key to the bigger rooms and warm space with all the functional essentials placed inside is more welcoming to them. A desk or a study table inside the room makes it appropriate for the purpose of creative working and some other official tasks. A flexible room looks cozy with a medium sized bed at the centre rather than a queen size occupying most of the room. Generally, small setups inside the room leave enough space for the guest to move freely and comfortably. All over the world, the travelers voyage to relax and think differently. If the resting place or the hotel room is relaxing, spacious and accommodating it automatically makes a difference.  

Comfortable sitting area: Most people do not like sitting on a bed while relaxing. It is better to have a small but pleasurable sitting arrangement inside the room. An arm-chair or a relaxing sofa can do the work. Travelling is a powerful healing process. It brings inner peace to the soul. Small colorful cushions or pillows over the chair can bring a smile to a tired face at any time of the day. A cushion is a stress-reliever and increases the level of comfort. At the end of a tiresome day, a cozy sofa with a number of cushions in it seems quite relaxing for the guests. A luxurious sofa with a soft sleeper mattress is essential for a hotel room. 

Paints and textures of the room: A different kind of ceiling and floor covering or a unique texture of tiles makes a difference. A texture that feels good and soothing on the feet can be spread all over the floor. Even the silk and other soft floor coverings are more welcoming than an empty and uncovered space. Actually, bold paints are quite stimulating to the mind and body making it more difficult to rest. According to a survey, a light colored wall paint or shades can relax the guests or the sleepers. The lemon or the yellow color soothes the nervous system. Even a shade of orange creates a warming environment inside the restroom and encourages a good night’s sleep.  

A creative closet: Most hotels nowadays are getting rid of old-fashioned closets and wardrobes creating shelves that are quite attractive to the guests. A luggage store can be reduced to quite a few countable drawers making a partially open closet having spaces for cloth hanging. A wall hanging luggage store leaves the space inside the room clean. Today’s hotel rooms have their big wardrobe replaced with wall hangers and fixed hooks. Even the bed contains additional drawers for the storing purpose.  A wooden cabinet attached to the walls essentially helps a person to manage his clothes effectively and systematically. 

 An airy restroom: There is nothing more impressive than an airy spacious hotel room with sunlight pouring into it. The hotels that can provide such rooms always are in high demand. A floor to ceiling window with huge curtains makes a room more interesting and relaxing as well. To maximize the sunlight inside the room mirrors can be arranged cleverly. A mirror just opposite the window reflects a huge amount of the natural light. In the morning it feels wonderful and refreshing to remove the curtains. Another way of making the room more airy and bright is the skylights. A spacious room with more windows and less furniture is more comforting and pleasurable. A minimum number of items inside the room feel spacious and refreshing.  

A bookshelf at the corner: A bookcase or a shelf at the corner of the room is complementing to the study table. Keeping all the books, in the same manner, is quite boring. The arrangement of books in an alternative vertical and horizontal state looks interesting. Even a small set of books can add charm to the room. A room with a bookshelf impresses the guest automatically and naturally. 

Designing the lights of a hotel room: A good hotel always considers its guests to be the priority. The way the lighting system is perceived by the guests creates a huge difference. Even a right and an attractive interior fail to create a long-lasting impression with weak lighting. The manager should always keep in mind that a proper lighting system creates an optimizing and appreciating experience for the guests. Neither too dim nor too sharp but a moderate lighting elevates the mood of the guests and enhances the free spirit and well-being of the travelers. 

The washroom facilities: A hotel bathroom is always arranged in an extravagant and quite fashionable manner. The designs and textures are attractive, individualistic and proper. It pampers the traveler with its best toiletries and other products with an under basin or a wall cabinet. A lavish silver colored basin with a cistern looks rich in design and luxurious. The hotel bathrooms are always fashioned in a clean and compact manner to make it look more attractive. The white tiles covering the floor inject a little style blended with simplicity. The ceramic tiles or even the vintage accessories can do wonders. An elegant bathroom is a characteristic of a luxurious hotel of good conduct. 






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