5 Ways To Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

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Energy efficiency is getting to be a bigger and bigger issue when it comes to our homes. Although we can’t all live in the latest, eco-friendly, purpose built homes and apartments, there are a host of easy to implement solutions that can be applied to any home. Making your home a lower consumer of power isn’t as costly as you may think. Although there are large scale solutions, often the smaller, simple ones can be where you can really scale back expenditure.

The benefit isn’t just saving the planet either- reducing our energy usage also means lower utility bills as well! Here are some easy to implement ways to cut costs and be kinder to Mother Earth in the process:

Make Sure You’re Insulated

Replacing or upgrading the insulation in your home is one of the quickest routes to a cosy house, lower power bills and greater energy efficiency. Simple things like double-lining loft space, creating an enclosed porch or upgrading your radiators can make a huge difference. If you have a little more capital, investing in triple-glazed, super efficient windows and doors can drastically improve your property’s heat retention.

Shop New Appliances

As it comes time to replace household goods from your washing machine to your refrigerator, seek out items with a high energy-efficiency rating. Tricks like magnaclean installation can make sure your boiler system is functioning properly and not wasting energy. The high efficiency, full flow magnetic filter removes build ups of iron oxide that can cause your heating system to seriously underperform. The HE logo will tell you if new appliances are rated well for efficiency, so that you can find one that will save you money in the long haul. If you’re planning a new kitchen, it’s easy to build in energy efficient appliances to help you save power.

Add Some Solar Power

If you fancy not only waving goodbye to large power bills, but actually having the energy company pay you, then solar panels are becoming a really popular option. Installation is simple, and you can usually opt for a deferred payment plan to cover the cost of the panels and fitting, plus there are lots of government grants for solar panels available to subsidise costs.

Use Timer Plugs

Vampire appliances can soak up power even when you aren’t using them, simply by being plugged in. A great idea is to invest in some digital timer plugs. These allow you to set a time when appliances turn off, meaning that you can simply set them to your bedtime, or when you know you’re going to be out during the day, and not have all your gadgets drain power while you aren’t using them. It may be a small saving, but multiplied against the cost of all the electronics you power, it can add up to a substantial saving over time. Likewise, if you know you aren’t using something regularly, such as a kettle or tv, then make sure to unplug it at the wall. Things running on standby are still consuming power that can be better used elsewhere.

With a few very simple adjustments, any home can be made to be energy efficient.


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