10 reasons I love Jeremy Corbyn… (and there are plenty more!).

know this is a time of uncertainty, and I also know people won’t
always agree. I’ve thought long and hard about writing anything
political, for so many reasons… I don’t want to hurt anyone, or to
cause rifts, but I do think politics count for everything in life.
From medical care to education, everyone is affected by the results
of an election, and I do think we all need to work together for a
positive change.
vote changed dramatically this year, I’ve always swayed towards
Greens (and once Lib Dems), but as I grown older, and as I watch my
children grow, I believe each time I lay down my X in the box, it’s
for them, not me. I think there’s way too many people thinking about
the here and now, not the future. Of course, I’ve always thought this,
hence my Green vote. But this year, something happened. A shift in
time itself as a man (a normal, real and honest man) came to the
forefront of politics in the shape of Jeremy Corbyn.
I thought I’d lay down the top ten (there’s way more!) reasons I love
this man. A man I’ve never even met, but a man who has reached into
so many people’s hearts and made them feel loved again.
He reminds me of my Dad.
he really does. My Dad spent his whole life voting Labour. He worked
hard, he played hard and he loved people. But not only that… He makes jokes, he’s calm, he interacts in such a personable way.
Just like good old John Brockington. When I see Jeremy Corbyn on TV
or in the paper, I think of my Dad. I think of how proud he’d be of
me, supporting someone so special, so kind and so full of the right
ideas (in my opinion, of course!).
He opposed the Badman Report.
think this one is super important for home educating families and I
do love him for it!
He’s against nuclear weapons.
more can I say?!
His moral compass is bad-ass.
yeah, he doesn’t necessarily agree with everything his party
believes, but he sticks by the majority because that’s his job.
His manifesto rocks.
the NHS to education to all that’s in between, it’s well costed and
positive. It strives for equality and respects people from all walks
of life.
He’s human.
completely real. He doesn’t try to be something he’s not. He is
personable and kind and down to earth; he’s so wonderful!
He has a beard.
I need to say more?!
He gives a s*** about the envorinment.
yeah, I always vote Green because of their environmental outlook, but
from looking at JC’s promises, I can’t really find fault.
He cares about everyone.
what I can see, he cares about anyone and everyone. He doesn’t see a
difference between one person and the next, he treats everyone
equally and believes everyone should have opportunities, no matter
their ‘class status’.
He has an allotment.
on the day of the results of the election, he headed to his allotment and tended to his patch. What a guy…
can’t not love this man. He is kind, he is moral and just, he is
thoughtful not rash and above all…

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